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Here's a man who met Hank

It’s always gratifying to get a comment and a compliment as well.

I got this one on here a while ago and decided it was worth highlighting with a post of it’s own. 78 more words

Death of Keith Adkinson will end investigation into Hank Williams' final days

I was hopeful that attorney Keith Adkinson, the husband of Jett Williams, might be able to untangle some of  mysteries surrounding the untimely death of Hank Williams on his final journey to a show in the last days of 1952. 141 more words

Don Helms interview: The real Hank Williams

Very informative lengthy taped interview with the author of the distinctive Hank Williams’ guitar sound, Don Helms.

This interview was done at the Hank Williams’ Festival in June 1997 by Tom Casesa. 91 more words

Another link to Hank is gone

The ranks of those with a direct first person link to Hank Williams was greatly diminished with the death of Braxton Schuffert  a native of Prattville Alabama. 166 more words

Poet remembers meeting Hank

Soon there won’t be anyone left to offer personal stories of meeting and talking to Hank Williams. I guess we should say that anyone with a first hand personal story of Hank should make sure it is recorded somewhere for posterity. 458 more words

Hank Williams historian and broadcaster Bill MacEwen passes away

A Prince Edward Island broadcaster who specialized in Hank Williams and presented 997 consecutive Country Roots shows on Charlottetown radio has died after a long illness. 102 more words

Hank Williams in Vancouver 1949

Here’s a good description of an appearance by Hank Williams in 1949. It comes from the Vancouver Sun which is collecting reports of memorable events in the city to celebrate the papers 100th anniversary. 492 more words