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Chris Hedges: The Lonely American

 has won the battle against literacy. The seductiveness of the image lures most Americans away from the print-based world of ideas. The fascination with the image swallows the time and energy required to attend and maintain communal organizations.

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Corporate Empire


With the vast improvement in the transmission of pictures and words quickly to more and more people, the always present threat of demagoguery increases. We have seen a number of such (whose names will not be mentioned), but all learned their  techniques, directly or indirectly, from Adolph Hitler. 849 more words

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Monday Motivation (#25)

It’s Monday, the start of a new week! I had some interesting ideas for stories fall into my lap over the past week so today’s post focuses on storytelling. 189 more words


The Wisdom of the Ancients 3

La terza sessione del convegno “The Wisdom of the Ancients”, che inizierà domani alle ore 9.30, sempre in Aula Savi, sarà dedicata alle diverse e articolate letture di… 253 more words


The Origins of Totalitarianism - Hannah Arendt

This is one of the books that should be read by everyone. 

It is an indictment against political systems using populism and exploiting prejudices. It is dissection of corrupting power and contagious hate, spreading through the society. 71 more words


Eichmann in Jerusalem and Everywhere Else

I’ve been reading Hannah Arendt’s Eichmann in Jerusalem at what’s proved to be a very eerie time. The Dominican Republic is currently preparing to round up and deport all its residents of Haitian descent, which means that right now hundreds of Dominican Eichmanns are sitting behind desks, happily rendering their fellow citizens stateless with a keystroke, planning mass transport to “welcome centers” and the misery beyond. 1,338 more words

Chocolate or normal?

The board in the café showed that ice cream was available for dessert.

‘What flavour?’ I asked the young guy behind the counter.

‘Chocolate,’ he said, ‘or normal.’ 2,004 more words