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Citizen Solidarity and Liberal Society

by Daniel A. Kaufman

In his essay, “See Something?  Don’t Say Anything,” Dan Tippens has broached an essential subject.  For a liberal society to survive, a healthy space must be maintained between the state and the citizenry.  1,351 more words


Teacher reflections on policy

This post is a part of a series being written for my EDUC6352 online masters students.

Educational policy always sits at the intersection of the past, present and future, with the latter often expressed in policy texts as an imagined desired future… 902 more words


Can Black People Be Racist?

“The truth, forever, for everybody, is that one is a stranger to oneself, and that one must deal with this stranger day in and day out–that one, in fact, is forced to create, as distinct from invent, oneself…And you will learn a certain humility, because the terms that you have invented, which you think describe and define you, inevitably collide with the facts of life. 1,179 more words


Legalizing Tyranny by Chris Hedges

The two main political parties compete to see which can be “tougher” on crime. Congress enacted 92 death-eligible crimes from 1974 to 2010. A first-time drug offense in the United States can lead to a life sentence. 2,151 more words


The Contempt for Facts and the Power of those Who Fabricate Them

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

A Short thought to begin the weekend that kind of follows my posts of the last several days. Hannah Arendt wrote in her book  277 more words


A Cloistered Life by Choice

Withdrawal from the “beastliness of the multitude” into the company of the “very few” but also into the absolute solitude of the One has been the most outstanding feature of the philosopher’s life ever since Parmenides and Plato discovered that for those “very few,” the  323 more words