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Empire in an Age of Robots and Drones

On July 7, 2016, police forces in Dallas attached a small explosive device to a robot and sent it to kill Micah Johnson, the gunman who shot five police officers at a Black Lives Matter rally. 1,085 more words


Hannah Arendt tentang Angelo Roncalli (Yohanes XXIII)

Mereka lupa bahwa “menjadi lemah-lembut dan rendah hati, tidak sama dengan menjadi orang lemah dan cari gampang,” sebagaimana dicatat oleh Roncalli. Bagaimana pun, tak satu pun percaya jika kerendahan hati itulah yang memudahkan dirinya menjaga hubungan dengan setiap orang, gembira ketika membuat dirinya sama dengan para narapidana, “pendosa,” (memertemukan) istri Kennedy dengan putri dan menantu Krushchev. 165 more words


Turning Loneliness Around

Several years ago, writer Adam Gopnik of The New Yorker shared the story of his four-year-old daughter’s imaginary friend. A very concerning story, because this was no usual childhood playmate who shares toys and dutifully takes orders. 2,004 more words

Sermons And Homilies

Arendt: State and Nation

I think one of the things I’m really enjoying about The Origins of Totalitarianism is the long list of what we might almost refer to as political theory vignettes. 1,046 more words


Why I Am Not Going To Worry About Totalitarianism For The Next Few Days

Yes it is OK to take a break from totalitarianism-angst. It will still be there on Friday. Polling has been quite stable. Hillary still doesn’t have a compelling theme but I am not waiting to exhale about it. 35 more words

Totalitarizmin Doğası Üzerine-Hannah Arendt

Hannah Arendt’in “Formasyon, Sürgün, Totalitarizm Anlama Denemeleri” kitabında “Totalitarizmin Doğası” üzerine makalesi bugünlerde tekrar tekrar okunması gereken yazılardan biri olabilir. Söz konusu makale üç bölümden oluşur ancak burada bahsetmek istediğim ve alıntı yapacağım kısım ilk iki bölümle ilgili. 596 more words

Kendime Not

Hannah Arendt: Darwin and the Fascists

I’m chomping away through Arendt’s discussion of imperialism – we’re working our way towards the final section on totalitarianism itself. In this part, Arendt’s talking about race-thinking, which she argues is similar to but not identical with racism itself. 1,005 more words