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Henry A. Giroux: The Curse of Totalitarianism and the Challenge of an Insurrectional Pedagogy

Central to my argument is the assumption that politics is not only about the exercise of economic and political power, but also, as Cornelius Castoriadis points out, “has to do with political judgements and value choices,”

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Arendt, Robin and Morality

Every once in a while (perhaps every 6 months or so), I take the time to read a stupendously long and complex Corey Robin article. Robin is a political theorist and author who has for a long time been interested in understanding political thought intellectually – by which I mean understanding how people think and arrive at political thoughts, rather than an intellectual manner. 1,388 more words


Philosophers Rarely Play a Public Role

Philosophers are not merely victims of a closed public space. Even when an opportunity arises to make a contribution philosophers are unlikely to, as Hannah Arendt puts it, “go visiting” there. 391 more words


Film meets philosophy

What a wonderful combination of one of my favorite directors and a female philosopher I greatly admire. Jean-Luc Godard reads Hannah Arendt’s “On the Nature of Totalitarianism.”

Enjoy it here!


Stop & Think Sessions

The Project Motley Stop & Think sessions were started in 2014 as a part of the effort to encourage critical thought. So far, with the kind support of Heimatfilm, Mangu TV and India Habitat Centre, we have conducted two such film screenings, each followed by a lively discussion about subjects as diverse as banality of evil, civil courage, mass obedience, privilege etc. 82 more words

India Habitat Centre

Esa misma idea de Simmel de espacio como potencialidad, como virtualidad disponible para cualquier cosa y que existe sólo cuando esa cualquier cosa sucede, reaparece más tarde en la espléndida noción de… 188 more words


A Second Look at Evil in Hannah Arendt’s "Eichmann in Jerusalem"

What is the classic villain? In many childhood fairytales and princess stories, the satanic figure wrecks havoc on the lives of the protagonists. Iago, the jealous and conniving standard bearer of Shakespeare’s Othello destroys the life of his general by persuading Othello to believe that Desdemona, his most faithful wife, is having an affair with a lieutenant. 820 more words