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Get off my bus! School leaders, vision work and the elimination of teachers

Steven J. Courtney & Helen M. Gunter (2015): Get off my bus! School leaders, vision work and the elimination of teachers, International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice… 561 more words


Everyday Evil

When I was eight I went to live for a year with my Grandmother in Queens, New York.
I attended Russel Sage Junior High… 958 more words
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Hannah Arendt: “The curious logicality of all isms"

“The curious logicality of all isms, their simple-minded trust in the salvation value of stubborn devotion without regard for specific, varying factors, already harbors the first germs of totalitarian contempt for reality … ” 6 more words

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Cuando las mujeres hagan

En una de mis clases (“Géneros” para los íntimos), la profesora, entre varios conceptos socio-periodísticos, mencionó el de que “en los periódicos, los hombres hacen… 484 more words


Learning the power of forgiveness and why it mattered the rest of my life

At some point in all of our lives people will do bad things to us, intentionally and unintentionally. This may happen many times, in fact. And these can be awful things. 985 more words


Hannah Arendt: Eichmann in Jerusalem

Just received this in an email and thought I should pass on this thoughtful and positive reflection on how to respond to anti-semiticism.

FROM ARENDT, ABOUT DENMARK: “The story of the Danish Jews is sui generis, and the behavior of the Danish people and their government was unique among all the countries of Europe—whether occupied, or a partner of the Axis, or neutral and truly independent.

619 more words

The most lethal fault line in the modern world

In the culture wars it is not recommended to the defenders of Life that they talk about the Nazi holocaust as a parallel to the holocaust of the living unborn. 1,162 more words

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