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Günther Anders: A Philosopher for the Modern Age

Christopher John Müller on his new book and his English translation of Günther Anders, a contemporary of Adorno, Benjamin, and Arendt

How did you come to discover the work of Günther Anders? 3,063 more words


1984 ~ George Orwell ~ 100 Book Challenge

Reading 1984 by George Orwell felt a bit like going back to my political philosophy classes. I studied Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism and a few other books on totalitarianism then. 963 more words


Hora da Coruja sobre A condição humana de Hannah Arendt

Mais Hannah Arendt:

Os filósofos Paulo Ghiraldelli e Francielle Chies discutem o livro “A condição humana” de Hannah Arendt


Filosofia: Pensar não é Conhecer - Hora da Coruja

Os filósofos Paulo Ghiraldelli e Francielle Chies conversam sobre o tema “Pensar não é conhecer”, sob a perspectiva da filosofia de Hannah Arendt.


Trumpism: On the Collapse of Speech

Many like myself are nauseated by the perpetual media coverage of all things Trump:  from scandals to flubs, from lies to blunt evils. What exacerbates this nausea is, similarly, the incessant acknowledgment of this nausea itself followed by no change in the situation. 751 more words


No apologies: Martin Heidegger

Yesterday we saw how Martin Heidegger (1889-1976), considered by many to be the most distinguished philosopher of the twentieth century, was also a devout Nazi and anti-Semite. 921 more words


From the Solitude of the Thinker to the Loneliness of the Masses: Revisiting the Capacity to be Alone in Arendt, Fromm, and Winnicott

Graduate students tend to spend a lot of time by themselves: reading, studying, thinking. We often feel isolated from others as we delve deeper and deeper into our interests and while (hopefully) many are supportive of our endeavours, others can express hostility as they observe the changes in our personality/personhood. 3,299 more words