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Film review- Hannah Arendt

Language: English & German with English/German subtitles
Cast: Barbara Sukowa as Hannah Arendt, Axel Milberg as Heinrich Blücher, Julia Jentsch as Lotte Köhler, Michael Degen as Kurt Blumenfeld, Nicolas Woodeson as William Shawn… 446 more words

Adolf Eichmann

'What kind of resistance is possible against a world without mercy?'

The LARB has published an interesting essay by Wen Stephenson that draws upon wisdom from Hannah Arendt for those living at the dawn of a new ‘era of increasing global instability, ripe for all the varieties of political and social evil’. 162 more words


Thinking without end

After the interview with Dawkins on BBC Radio 4 covered in the last post, the argument about evidence and political decision-making took further bizarre turns. The next day John Humphreys interviewed the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, who was asked to comment on Dawkins’ views. 1,110 more words


A Plea for Humanity I

I present to you “A Plea for Humanity I”, an opinion piece not appearing in Rutgers University’s Daily Targum

by an alt-right apologist

There is little question that mankind’s track record is disheartening, to say the least, when it comes to averting the negative consequences of mass hysteria. 498 more words

For Antiracist Audiences

Arendt's challenge to churches . . .

So I am reading a fairly dense essay by Hannah Arendt, “Reflections on Little Rock.”   While I am no expert on Arendt and the broad reach of her writings, I was not surprised to learn this was a controversial piece and was finally rejected for publication by the journal that requested her thoughts on the integration of public schools in Little Rock.  570 more words


John Pilger: US IS THE PROBLEM (Video)

John Pilger: Look, the problem is not North Korea. The problem is not Russia. The problem is not China. The problem is the United States. 270 more words

Military Madness

Padre Steve's Reading Rainbow: Some of the Most Important Books in my Life

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

I think that it important to read, and read, and did I say read?

Barbara Tuchman wrote:

“Books are the carriers of civilization. 722 more words