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[Free eBook] Hannah Arendt og pædagogikkens [Danish Academic Childhood Education Theory]

Hannah Arendt og pædagogikkens: Fragmenter til en gryende pædagogik (Hannah Arendt and pedagogy: Fragments of an emerging pedagogy) by Morten Timmermann Korsgaard, is is his Danish-language academic book about theories of childhood education, free for a limited time courtesy of publisher the Aarhus University Press in Denmark. 382 more words

Free Ebook

Hannah Arendt on the T-word

And by the T-word I mean totalitarianism, of course.

Before they seize power and establish a world according to their doctrines, totalitarian movements conjure up a lying world of consistency which is more adequate to the needs of the human mind than reality itself; in which, through sheer imagination, uprooted masses can feel at home and are spared the never-ending shocks which real life and real experiences deal to human beings and their expectations. 160 more words


Marguerite Harrison and Hannah Arendt:
 The Notion of Strength within the Early Totalitarian Soviet Prison Experience

Introduction written on September 26, 2016, the day of my enrollment in my master’s program at Charles University.

Here it is: the essay. When I can say “award-winning author,” this is the why. 1,711 more words

Vast and Heinous Crimes: Babi Yar at 75

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

While I am in Germany I am pre-posting articles that I think are important about issues that I think that we should not forget. 1,022 more words


‘I am not an idealist’

Katja Swider on Statelessness: An Interview

The Dutch news broadcaster NOS just reported that the number of stateless persons in the Netherlands has at least doubled over the last few years, now reaching a number of 5,000 or possibly even 10,000. 1,598 more words


Introversion: Pro-Idea, Anti-Noise, or Something Else?

There has been much discussion of introversion and extraversion but little agreement about what they are. Moreover, I have seen multiple implicit definitions of introversion within the same article or discussion. 979 more words

Did You Get Your Politics in My Philosophy? - The Promise of Politics

A Sort of “Introduction Into Politics”

Some may say that philosophy has no say in the political sphere or that it shouldn’t be concerned with such things. 1,051 more words