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The banality of evil

How right Hannah Arendt was: when she wrote her controversial reflections on the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Jerusalem in 1961, she subtitled it A Study in the Banality of Evil… 446 more words

The People vs. Fritz Bauer (Germany, 2015)

Directed by: Lars Kraume. I almost didn’t want to make a review because this one honestly didn’t make a terribly deep impression on me. You might ask “why watch the thing in the first place?”, and the answer is, “I don’t know.” You know—general interest in Germany, the war, the aftermath of the war, the trial of Eichmann, that Hannah Arendt book, the back story, this is a major figure I wasn’t aware of, etc. 400 more words

Fascist Groove Thang

As disconsolate as I was at the end of 2016  (and I was, deeply so), 2017 has managed, in some respects, to shock and depress me beyond expectations. 1,989 more words



Or perhaps I’m crazy because I was under the illusion that I could heal,…like Jason, who for a sheepskin provokes destruction and horrendous crimes and madness… 1,042 more words

Dialectics Of The Sexes

Revolution will not be theorized #2: Denken over geweld verdeelt

Dit is  de tweede blog in de serie The revolution will not be theorized, waarin ik in de voetsporen van Albert Camus de relatie over theorie en… 1,356 more words


Tony Hovater, A Lesson in the Banality of Evil

When the New York Times recently published the profile of white nationalist Tony Hovater linked above, they received more blowback for the piece than they bargained for. 1,144 more words


Are You Informed?

The moment we no longer have a free press, anything can happen. What makes it possible for a totalitarian or any other dictatorship to rule is that people are not informed; how can you have an opinion if you are not informed?

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