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Full Nerd: 2017 in Books

I’ve almost always kept a running list of the books I read, but this year I decided to go Full Nerd.

I used Google Sheets to log each book I’ve read since October 2016—66 books in total, spread over 384 days. 775 more words


Currently Reading: Power and Totalitarianism

People! Anyone out there ever clear their to-read pile? Anyone with the Jedi-level focus and self-control it would take to actually READ all the to-be-reads? And doing that before buying more also-to-be-reads? 445 more words


Learning through conflict.

Education, like all human endeavour, requires conflict, struggle, challenge, disagreement, argument, difference, dialectic, dialogue. If we want to learn or make anything new, we need to reach towards what we don’t know, to seek out the unknown. 1,257 more words


Black Mirror: Ódio, Vingança, Alienação e Justiça

Black Mirror é uma série britânica de ficção científica que estreou em dezembro de 2011, foi criada por Charlie Brooker e ficou marcada por duas características, a primeira sendo seu formato de poucos episódios, onde cada um conta uma história fechada sem continuidade ou ligação direta com os outros, e a segunda sendo a – inteligente e provocativa – abordagem que a série traz sobre o impacto da tecnologia na vida humana. 1,513 more words


Does war have a future?

‘History is made by people who don’t know what is going to happen next’. With this truism – a truism we too often forget, whether thinking about our own future history, or trying to interpret the past – Lawrence Freedman introduces his wide ranging and literate analysis of how commentators, experts and society at large over the past 150 years have envisaged and prepared for war and peace, and how they have all too often got it wrong: … 880 more words


The Right to Belong

Imagine for a moment that the country in which you were born and raised does not consider you as a citizen. Though you may feel that you belong to that country, to its culture; you do not have a token of recognition to prove it. 1,277 more words

Arendt is a Racist? Reflections on Little Rock

Reading: “Reflections on Little Rock”

Monday November 20, 2017 6-8 pm

Harold Washington Library

6th Floor North Study Room

Philosophers and Critical Theorists are familiar with issues of anti-Semitism in Heidegger’s work, and Arendt’s relationship with Heidegger has of course been part of those discussions.  247 more words

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