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13 Reasons Why

Entertainment is thought to be fun and light, making people’s day just a bit brighter. That is often the way most people see entertainment as. However, no one realizes how entertainment can play with someone’s mind with its underlying messages that people do not realize they learned. 426 more words

Advanced Placement

Heartbreaking and tragic. 13 Reasons Why tackles youth bullying and suicide

Probably about once a decade we get a movie or show that completely stands a lone in terms of emotional content. Most series or movies have a few moments that are either gruesome or they leave in a seemingly impossible scenario. 1,150 more words


The Importance of 13 Reasons Why

When I started this blog, I had three goals in mind:

  1. To share my work, to offer excerpts, sneak peeks, share short stories, poetry, whatever.
  2. 1,002 more words
Young Adult Fiction

13 Reasons Why

Warning: Spoilers

I’m sure by now you’ve seen, or read, or both, 13 Reasons Why. I’m sure your heart broke when you saw Clay break down. 586 more words

13 Reasons Why Review & Run down – Is it innapropriate?

Obvious spoiler alert!

(Will be discussing self harm, rape, suicide and mental illness, if you are sensitive about any of those topics then please simply click off!) 387 more words

13 Reasons Why Review: Why Its Depiction of Suicide Does More Harm Than Good


13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series adapted from a novel of the same title by Jay Asher that depicts the life of a seventeen-year-old high school student named Hannah Baker… 789 more words


Recollection: How nice are you?

I get it. Others’ feelings aren’t your responsibility, but hey, haven’t you realized that we are all connected in a circle that never ends and in one way or another we really affect each other’s lives? 1,175 more words

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