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13 Reasons Why, Season 1


Original Title: 13 Reasons Why
Creator: Brian Yorkey
Release Date: 2017 1,621 more words


13 Reasons Why they should release season two of '13 Reasons Why'

“’13 Reasons Why’: Conservative Group Asks Netflix to Delay Season 2 Until Suicide Drama Deemed “Safe”” is what I read and decided to get writing. 760 more words

13 Reasons Why NOT

I would like to begin with a disclaimer: in this post I am not by any means doubting the affect ‘13 Reasons Why’ has had in raising suicide awareness, or awareness to the general culture of bullying. 881 more words

13 Reasons Why Season 2

We all know that 13 Reasons Why has caused quite a stir amongst viewers everywhere. The series, based off of the book by Jay Asher, follows a young girl named Hannah Baker and her reasons for why she committed suicide. 218 more words

Hannah Baker; A Masterclass in Unreliable Narration

Thirteen Reasons Why has gained a lot of interest, seen much scrutiny, and been pulled apart by some of the very best.

I don’t claim to fit that category, and so I’ll slip carefully past that issue and focus on what I want to say. 981 more words


Thirteen Reasons Why; unreliable narration, constant progression, and mental illness in fiction.

You can’t discuss 13 Reasons Why, the book, or the hit show, without nodding to the discourse that surrounds it – this much is a given. 2,176 more words


Everyone has a lesson to learn from Hannah Baker.

The most recent Netflix high school mystery TV Show has brought up enormous critical reviews on the past few months, having the most shocking scenes throughout the series that would apparently be disturbed to watch. 584 more words