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The Ibiza Addict - Guest Blog by Hannah Brooks


Here’s a guest blog by Hannah Brooks, a ‘normal girl next door’ who has only recently discovered and fallen in love with the island. 939 more words


The rules of retail engagement

Are you making this mistake in your retail store? Watch this video to learn the rules of retail engagement.


To buy or not to buy...that is the question?

Do you put too much emphasis on the buying for your store and not enough emphasis on selling? The competition for your customers dollar is fierce and even the most carefully curated collection won’t sell itself! 16 more words

Good products sell themselves ?

Do you believe that “good products sell themselves” ? If you do, this belief could be costing your retail business sales.

Find out why by watching this video.


Learn to celebrate sales success

Grow your sales, learn to enjoy sales more and better connect with your customers by applying this simple sales tip. Watch this video to find out more.


Are you inspiring your customers?

We are now posting all our new training videos to the Retail Teacher Facebook Page. This weeks video teaches you how to inspire your customers and ensure repeat business to your store What do you think. 12 more words

My best ever sales technique

At the Retail Teacher we believe that if you apply a few new tools and techniques you can transform your retail business. Watch this video to learn one of my most effective sales techniques. 13 more words