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In the zone

Sometimes the key to a quality rewrite is all about getting into the right “headspace” to begin with.

LISTEN to this video for my tips on surviving the rewrite/rewrites process.

Hannah Brooks

PJ's and productivity ?

It’s the question that has divided writers since the dawn of time…”can you really be productive if you’re writing in your PJ’s?”.

Most writers have a strong opinion on this one. 36 more words

Hannah Brooks

Blokes, battles and biffo.


The second film that moved me from procrastination to productivity while writing LEGACY , was the Water Diviner.

One of the challenges I faced with LEGACY is that it’s essentially a very masculine story. 365 more words

Hannah Brooks

Based on a true story

Have you ever written a screenplay based on a true story?

I have just completed a screenplay, LEGACY. It’s based on the true story of a famous Olympic equestrian. 46 more words

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A few of my favourite things


When I suffer from a severe case of writer’s block one of my key procrastination techniques is to go on a movie binge and be inspired by other writers quality dialogue. 183 more words

Hannah Brooks

8th draft...and counting!

The path to a production ready screenplay is bathed in the red pen of a good script editor.

If you’re keen to learn more about my screenplay LEGACY… WATCH this video. 13 more words

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