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A New Birth is on the Way!

LMT #24 is coming!

This month is a big one. Some thrilling things are going to take place.

On March 14th and 21st a group from the former Harbor network of churches ( 406 more words


All Hope Is Abandoned: Can We Endure?

Hope Lost

When Paul and his companions lost all hope of being saved, then there was nowhere to turn but to God. That’s probably a good place to be when we are forced to depend on God. 389 more words


Keep Trusting, Keep Believing - Don't Give Up!

Where Will This End?

We feel like we’ve been in a marathon without knowing where the finish line will be. It’s exhausting at times, but the Lord sustains us! 540 more words


Gospel Advance in Tijuana & Beyond

Kingdom Advance

This has been a huge week as we seek to see gospel expansion on the border, the Baja and Beyond.

In Tijuana Lo Mejor del Trigo is partnering with Transformation Ministries to conduct a Discovery Center (church planter’s assessment) for five church planting candidate couples. 548 more words


I Can't, He Can - I Need His Strength!

My Weakness His Strength

I find as we are going through this trial with our daughter, Hannah and trying to balance out life and ministry there are times I feel the weight of it all. 533 more words


God Lifts Us Up Through Faithful Friends!

Faithful Friends

One of the things that gives me buoyancy as our family endures this trial is all of the faithful friends that God has given us. 461 more words