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Hannah Montana vs Lara Croft

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Suggested by Destroyer Hannah Montana was definitely a popular character back in the day but she wasn’t exactly known for her exceptional skills on the battlefield. 48 more words


How Well Do We Know That's So Raven? Vlog Ep. 1

And we’re back! Did you miss us? Because we sure did.

Verondré is founded on making fashion, beauty, and lifestyle-related content but we find that sometimes we focus almost always on the fashion and beauty part. 93 more words


what i want my future to look like

I sat belly down on the itchy carpet that laid in front of my television which was enormous compared to me (because I was 7). Watching Hannah Montana was probably the most exciting activity I would do when I used to live in California, as I was unfamiliar with the common “sleepover” culture among young girls at the time. 581 more words

Lessons learned from the best of both Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart

As a child, I grew up watching Hannah Montana religiously every Friday at 8 p.m. and practically lived for those 30 minutes each week. So, imagine my enthusiasm when I discovered that “Hannah Montana: The Movie” was set to arrive in theaters in April of 2009. 408 more words


10 TV shows to watch

Everybody likes to watch TV shows, right? At least I do. There are so many shows around there, and there is not too much better things than just curling up on your bed and binge some of your favorite TV shows. 512 more words

25 Disney Shows with Huge Plot Holes True Fans Can't Unsee

Let me start this by saying we’re all adults here, right? That or at least teenagers? But we all have something in common—we all grew up watching Disney. 239 more words