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Hannah Montana

I don’t know why but I’ve been really into listening to Hannah Montana lately.

It’s like I relate to her on a spiritual level. Or at least her top songs on Spotify. 83 more words

Favourite Disney Theme Songs

In this post I shall only be talking about the live action shows and not the cartoons. So my favourite Disney Channel theme songs … I did like Disney Channel, they knew how to make a show, back in the day. 597 more words


9:22 am

I could totally be sitting next to a famous person right now. These are the kind of thoughts I have around Oscar season. You look at the TV and study these VFX artists or sound mixers or writers on stage, and you’re like, “I could totally bump into that person on the train, look them in the eyes to apologize, and never in my life know that I physically touched a person with an Oscar.” Not that having an Oscar is the be-all-end-all of success, but I’d say it’s a pretty decent accomplishment in my line of work, enough to make you kick yourself if you later realized you passed that person by without a second thought. 620 more words

I Hate Saturdays

OK. The actual title should actually be “Why I Hated Saturdays” but for emphasis purposes and drawing your attention and stuff like that. I hoped it did. 737 more words


Conheça Atores : China Anne McClain

 China Anne McClain (Atlanta25 de agosto de 1998) é uma atrizcantora e compositora americana. Filha de pai produtor e mãe cantora, tem duas irmãs, uma mais velha e a outra sendo a  788 more words

Conheça Atores

These 'Hannah Montana' Cast Reunion Pics Will Give You All The Feels

In the six years since Hannah Montana stopped blessing our screens (or, as the case may be, our friends’ parents’ basement screens) the cast members have all taken their acting careers in varying directions. 466 more words


the amazing world of concerts

A day i will never forget: my first concert. Hannah Montana; that’s right ladies and gentlemen: Hannah Montana — NOT Miley Cyrus. A fourth grader’s dream come true. 344 more words