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'The Road to Forever: Book 2 of the Road Series' by Marla Marchado

I don’t even remember when or how I stumbled across the first of Marla’s books, but ever since, we’ve become great buddies and supporters of one another on Twitter.I’ve always longed to write my own book and would be so terrified of any feedback; after all, is your own writing not a reflection of your own soul and being!? 700 more words

The Greek Worldview and Their Myths

The Greek Worldview and Their Myths by:  Hannah

A worldview is how you view the world or in more expert terms “a particular philosophy of life or conception of the world” taken from google dictionary.  237 more words


Phileas Fogg

Phileas Fogg by: Hannah

Phileas Fogg is my favorite character from Around the World in Eighty Days.  I am going to try to describe him.  234 more words


Hannah - G.L.

The human mind is a wonderful thing. You could say life and the acknowledgement of its presence go hand in hand with one another, and yet subtract one away from the other, and the equation becomes far more imbalanced. 468 more words


LIFESTYLE - Workouts from the land down under

FITNESS can be as addictive. Releasing the same endorphin rush and dopamine high as a glass of bubbles or a shopping spree. I know people who have signed up to Cross Fit and have been sucked into it’s cult-like world. 487 more words

Heart London Magazine

FUNiX Way - a new approach to online learning with MOOC

FUNiX Way – a new approach to online learning with MOOC. Phan Phương Đạt, FUNiX Online University – member of FPT Education. A paper for Int’l Conference on Online Education ( 1,361 more words

X. Hội & G. Dục

A Week in the Life: Sunday

Eugh. I am so so horrible at working at the weekends. I think it’s partly because I’m so exhausted by the week that I just need to focus on recovery at the weekend, but also because on some level I kind of object to having to work at the weekend. 718 more words