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Review: Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

By Christian DiMartino

I liked Neighbors. It wasn’t a great comedy, but it was fun and funny, and it benefited from having Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne, and Zac Efron onboard. 773 more words

Movie of the Week: The Nice Guys

I really had to think about whether or not I wanted to see this movie, but since I didn’t really have any plans this weekend, I ultimately elected to commit to see… 220 more words

Daddy's Home (***1/2) two are better than none

Daddy’s Home – 2015

Director Sean Anders
Screenplay by Brian Burns, Sean Anders, John Morris
Starring Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Linda Cardellini, Thomas Hayden Church, Hannibal Burress, Bobby Canavale… 506 more words

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Watch Worthy - Hannibal Takes Edinburgh

Hannibal Takes Edinburgh is a refreshing approach to a comedic documentary that is surprising and funny.  Hannibal has always been fascinating to me; from his deadpan delivery to his seemingly perfect mix of friendly and aloof. 201 more words


TV Review: Broad City S308 Burning Bridges

Over the past 28 episodes (and a webseries), we’ve had the chance to hang out with Abbi and Ilana through their misadventures, awkward moments, and epic journeys. 833 more words


Comedians, The Last Ones 'Keeping It Real'

by S.A. Prince

I’m late on the Louis C.K. wave, but he is quickly becoming one of my favorite comedians. He’s a plump balding ginger, the picture-perfect disgruntled “middle-aged” white American male, and believe me, he plays that part audaciously well. 294 more words

Ain't Shit Month: Day 29

I wasn’t going to go an entire month of highlighting bullshit without bringing up your favorite pervert american dad, Bill Cosby. This is self-explanatory. Hannibal Burress making a good living off of this now too. 14 more words