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Cannibal Rising...

From the Diary of Doctor Watson

As I stared into the mad eyes of Doctor Lecter, my thoughts were only of my dear wife – that I would never again be able to rest my gaze on her beautiful, if misaligned features. 651 more words

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Racked and Pinioned…

From the Personal notes of Doctor Hannibal Lecter

Despite my assurance to Mrs Watson that she’d be no match for me, I nevertheless took the precaution of whipping out my emergency-knock-out kit, and before she’d moved another inch, I’d applied a swab of chloroform to her nose. 519 more words

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Reasons Hannibal Will Never Have A Season 4

You’d think the answer to this would be obvious, so obvious in fact that the people who keep harassing Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix would realize it and stop being spoiled brats about it. 1,947 more words


Knife and Easy Does it...

From the Diary of Doctor John Watson

In any other situation Holmes and myself would have leaped on the fiend and disabled him in an instant, but as Lecter raised his arms, we saw the massive choppers he held in each hand. 628 more words

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Hannibal Lecter vs Martian Manhunter

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Suggested by Jimmy Hannibal Lecter is one of those mass murderers that the books try to get you to sympathize with, but it doesn’t work. 69 more words


Hannibal & Clarice

This trailer re-frames Silence of the Lambs as a romantic comedy, brilliantly demonstrating how editing can alter a story so much as to appear completely different from the original. 168 more words