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More Tattle-Crime Warning Updates

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  1. Tattle-Crime.com Diet
  2. The Red Dragon Obsession
  3. Lisa’s Transformation

*Important to Note:

Despite the fact that Tattle-Crime claims to be poor every last thing she seems to eat is very expensive, always Gourmet food. 101 more words


Hannibal Holidays!

Source: Hannibal Holidays!

Once again Tattle-Crime.com is charging WAY too much money for some things that aren’t worth nearly that amount. The fact that anyone buys this stuff is ludicrous and the money doesn’t go to any of her artists it goes to her.

8 more words

The Price Of Shame (Fan Fic)

Guest Author Work (Used with Permission)

“We evolved the ability to communicate disappointment to others to teach those around us good manners”

“Well, unfortunately I did not evolve the ability to feel shame.”

3,630 more words

Tied And Denied (Fan Fic)

Pairings: Hannibal/Freddie, Hannibal/Bedelia, Freddie/Bedelia, Freddie/Hannibal/Bedelia


Hannibal catches Freddie in his office after hours snooping around. Very aware that it’s a felony, Freddie starts offering up anything she can think of to get out of being reported. 21,068 more words


Against The Ladder (Fan Fic)

Pairing: Hannigram


Short Drabble I once wrote for the Ladder Scene in season One of Hannibal.


Mentions of cannibalism and vore, more angsty than anything. 716 more words


Entry 6: Outlast

Abigail thinks she’s much more clever than she is. As far as I can tell, she believes I have no idea that she’s guilty as sin. 584 more words