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'Hannibal Lecter'-Like Electric Facial For Radiant Skin

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — It may be one of the best-kept secrets in Hollywood. Some women are paying for a jolt of electricity to energize their skin at a… 258 more words


Hannibal Lecter's Combat Skills

Much has been made about literary/film/television villain Hannibal Lecter’s skills at mental manipulation and creative cannibalism.

Until recently, though, most specifically the game-changing Hannibal television series, little attention has been paid to Lecter’s fighting skills. 24 more words

Shameless Promotion

Goldberg Variations: The Insects Know What They Are Doing

I’d send just Bach… but that would just be showing off.

Freeman Dyson? Carl Sagan? on what music should be sent off into space to be intercepted by aliens on the Voyager probes in 1977… 1,634 more words

Binge Thinking

Red Dragon: A Hug for Graham

First, let me address dear fictional Will Graham. You are not like the serial killers. The very fact that you fear how well you understand the motivations of them, you are able to rise above. 503 more words


Red Dragon
by Thomas Harris
Published by Dutton
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Horror, Adult Fiction
For Fans of: The Hannibal Lecter movies, NBC’s Hannibal, Criminal Minds, crime-thriller novels. 1,019 more words

Book Review

Monday Motivation – Hannibal Lecter

Okay, before you start in with all that spiel about “morals” and “proper role models,” consider this: Did you know that ethics is a human construction, the flimsiest, most transparent of coverings over the beast inside each quivering breast? 252 more words

Monday Motivation

Hannibal: It's Romantic. No really. It is.

So while watching this highly enjoyable review of the Hannibal season 3  finale on AfterbuzzTV I came across a comment that really I wanted to discuss. 229 more words