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[TV] Hannibal - ...And The Beast From The Sea (S3E11)

It has long been said that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat and looking at the current state of affairs in… 1,294 more words


[TV] Hannibal - And The Woman Clothed In Sun (S3E10)

AS we head into the tail end of the final season of Hannibal, the episodes’ focus is beginning to shift with increasing frequency. This week’s episode, the confusingly named ‘And The Woman Clothed With The Sun…’ (it shares its name almost entirely with the previous episode), shifts its focus away from our main cast of characters and towards some of the secondary focal points. 1,823 more words


[TV] Hannibal - And The Woman Clothed With The Sun (S3E9)

‘…And The Woman Clothed In The Sun’ completes the two-part introduction to Hannibal’s final arc, the tale of the fearsome Tooth Fairy, Francis Dolarhyde. As far as… 1,227 more words


[TV] Hannibal - The Great Red Dragon (S3E8)

If you’ve never read Tom Harris’ Red Dragon, you might be a little confused as to just why Hannibal is moving its focus away from its relentlessly fascinating antagonist in favour of a man who seems no different from your typical run-of-the-mill psychopath. 1,280 more words


Murder Mystery Serial - Recap

Your Queen has decided that since this story is unfolding part by part in my crazy little head, it may be pertinent to recap so everyone is on the same page. 760 more words

Really Big Mean Dog

[TV] Hannibal - Digestivo (S3E7)

After the visceral violence of ‘Dolce’ last week, everyone’s fate was in the air. Will and Hannibal had been delivered like pigs fed for the slaughter to the doorstep of the twisted Mason Verger, where all the various plotlines of the season were to finally churn together. 1,340 more words