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Black History Month 2016 Day 7

Today we will visit with Ancient Carthaginian General Hannibal Barca.

Source: Ancient History Encyclopedia

Photo Source: CNG Coins and  Retake Your Fame

Hannibal (also known as Hannibal Barca, 247-183 BCE) was a Carthaginian general during the Second… 3,392 more words

Black History Month

Fictional Characters I Would Totally Fuck - Part 6: Hannibal Lecter

A few days ago I mentioned that several serial killers made my list of fuckable fictional characters. Don’t judge me. Monsters can be beautiful. Especially if those monsters hold up a mirror to society and show us how monstrous we can all really be. 1,444 more words

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Binge Watching

As Valentine’s day is creeping closer and closer, I thought it might be a good time to post a good list for those in need of tv therapy. 1,215 more words

How Tattle-Crime.com Thinks

Through extensive research and looking through chat transcripts and tweets (as well as Freddie’s first hand account) we have gathered up enough information to see into TC’s head and how she thinks. 469 more words


Love Crime

This is hands down one of the best finale songs ever. You’re forever in my heart, Hannibal. My love for this song amounts the same as your love for Will.

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What HANNIBAL Season 3 Taught Me

In the vast history of all life, there have always been special beings, ideas or manifestations of form that are too beautiful or too transcendent to exist for anything longer than a few moments. 641 more words

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