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Fanfiction: UnHoly Trinity - the Night Phoenix


The sound of her black heels touching the ground was silenced when she stopped in front of the door to open it.

“Agent Crawford.” she said calm, facing the man with an even calmer expression. 838 more words

TV Adventures Update

Last October, I complained that I had no shows I wanted to watch. Listen guys, that was a real dark time. I ventured to all kinds of different television networks in search for my next favourite TV show. 792 more words

Fanfiction: Per Te - the Night Phoenix

Per Te by the Night Phoenix

The coldness from the ground was the first thing he noticed.

Taking a deep breath Hannibal Lecter carefully studied his surroundings. 610 more words

Get the season's cutest new gear to help you break into Bryan's house (again)

Ever since that last time you pulled a Pollyanna and climbed up Winona, that adorable willow tree next to Bryan’s window, jumped and feigned a paralysis in your lower body so he would be forced to carry you inside while waiting for the ambulance, Bryan has been rather mum. 710 more words


Hannibal Barca of Carthage

Hannibal Barca is without a doubt the most famous general from ancient Carthage in northwestern Africa. To reiterate, he was the dude who led an army of African elephants across the Alps to attack the Romans. 68 more words


Sunday Happenings

Dear Geeklings,

I wanted to write today but I wasn’t sure what exactly to write about. I have some ideas floating around the ole head box of mine but they aren’t fully fleshed out. 623 more words

General Geek

Tie Summer

As will become obvious as 100D100T makes its way back into the world, I’m no longer wearing a tie every day. I see them every day, as there are about 400 that stare at me from my closet as I leave my bedroom. 134 more words

Guys With Ties