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The Die is Cast

Winner: Pluto, followed by Droppin’, 9 O’Clock Judy, and Dave

In a week when the president and secretary of state squabbled over who was the bigger moron, we played a game whose theme was “are you smarter than a middle schooler?” I think we should have invited those two guys to join us and we could have settled the question once and for all, although it’s pretty clear who is the bigger moron. 332 more words

30for30: Day Five & Six

Life With Bonnie | ABC championed this Bonnie Hunt-led comedy which was mostly improv. Hunt played a version of herself juggling home and family, with her duties as a talk show host. 300 more words


Mindhunter 1x01 - 'Episode 1' - Review

If you read the description for Mindhunter, you may suspect you’ve seen all of this before. A show about FBI agents profiling serial killers? That could be Bryan Fuller’s… 755 more words

TV Reviews

Death, Viscera and ... Supermarkets?

An unusual set of dreams that I’m somewhat unable to untangle after waking up. Unsurprisingly, I experienced quite the horror show in my subconscious after discovering tense thriller that is ‘Hannibal’ (the TV show), by the end of the day I’d made it to episode nine of the first season. 940 more words


[Fic Hannigram] My Answer


Title: My Answer

Author: mirugi-chan

Pairing: Hannibal x Will G.

Series: Hannibal

Notes: เหตุการณ์ที่เกิดใน Season 3 Ep.13 มีการสปอยล์ตอนจบทั้งหมด

กรุณาอย่าอ่านถ้ายังไม่ได้ดู แนะนำให้เปิดเพลง love crime  ระหว่างอ่าน

———————– 72 more words


The Only ‘Hannibal’ Death Scene NBC Nixed Involved A Ceiling Fan

It’s still amazing that Hannibal lasted one season, let alone three. NBC’s small-screen adaptation of Thomas Harris’ novels about a stylish cannibal was beautiful but violent — so, so violent. 180 more words


The Body

So the scene where Cohle talks about the quote from Corinthians really fascinated me. He says he was inspired not to take the psych pension because he saw the quote: “For the body is not one member, but many,” and goes on to say his motivations were “just wanting to stay part of the body.” … 697 more words

Rust Cohl