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CPAC: Sean Hannity Questions Jeb Bush on Immigration, Common Core

Daily Signal, 2/27/2015

During his Q&A with Sean Hannity at CPAC 2015, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush addressed two controversial topics: immigration and Common Core.

Time: 09:56


Jeb Bush was very, very good at CPAC

Before you read this, you’ve probably already seen a dozen negative headlines like these: “Conservatives Boo Jeb Bush” (The Boston Globe), “CPAC Attendees Plan to walk Out on Bush” (The Washington Times) and “Bush Confronts Skeptics at Conservative Gathering” (The New York Times). 553 more words

Are "young" people dead to the world?

Last night, being bored by Hannity’s love fest with conservative potential candidates for President at CPAC, I switched to NBC, which broadcasts EXTRA and ACCESS HOLLYWOOD at that time (7-8pm West Coast ST). 468 more words


Mark Levin supports Giuliani's Obama comment about USA

Mark Levin on Giuliani’s Comments: Rudy’s Exactly Right…Obama Has Contempt for This Country. After yesterday’s post, “I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore,” apparently Rudy answered us. 68 more words

War On Terror

The Band on the deck of the Conservative Ideology Titanic

As the Conservative Ideology Titanic continues to sink into the abyss of obscurity, there are those who refuse to leave. Such is Sean Hannity. His divisive, arrogant, self-loathing persona has all but isolated him and others on the deck of the Conservative Ideology Titanic. 247 more words

21st Century

Lindsay Lohan And Mother Sue Fox News: We Never Did Coke Together!

Lindsay Lohan should make a movie about all the courtroom drama in her life.

Whilst she is still facing jail time for a probation violation (failing her “community service” requirements)…. 111 more words


DUH! Sarah Palin Doubles Down on Deranged Dialogue

Liberals and Conservatives agree on two things. First, we are all glad Bin Laden is dead. Second, Sarah Palin made a fool of herself in the Iowa speech. 816 more words