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Fox News Breaks With Trump: He ‘Betrayed the Conscience of Our Country’

TV loves wet eyes and fire and it got plenty of both on Wednesday. They flowed and blazed as the nation reeled from Tuesday’s claims by amateur… 1,199 more words

Fox News

OMG! Moron-in-Chief Tweets Cookie Recipe Without Key Ingredient!

(Editor’s note: This is a guest article submitted by Toby Hammerson. Toby received a Masters Degree in Journalism from Berkeley in 2015 and currently works as a barista near Portland.) 617 more words

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Trump TV

When I was growing up I felt very fortunate not to live in a nation like the Soviet Union, North Korea, Iran, China, Cuba, etc., where the only news you received was sanctioned by the government. 1,266 more words

The Dictator

The Trump administration will throw any bone out there to make their case that the Russian Colluding story is “fake news.” They’re so desperate that they’ll trample on a man’s grave to push the narrative. 794 more words

Arrivano i generali

Erano già presenti con una buona delegazione, ma ora, dopo il passaggio del Generale in pensione John Kelly da Homeland (sicurezza nazionale) a Direttore dello staff della Casa Bianca, i Generali occupano i posti chiave dell’amministrazione Trump, con McMaster al Consiglio per la Sicurezza Nazionale e Mattis “Mad Dog” alla Difesa. 305 more words


Bill O'Reilly Wants To Team Up With Another Fox News Star

Bill O’Reilly, conservative pundit and former Fox News anchor, is one of the most popular commentators in cable news history. In fact, his twenty season-long show, … 609 more words


Sean Hannity attacks the media - although he's a member of it

Sean Hannity is back at it again with the Fake News attacks. He got into it with CNN’s Jake Tapper on twitter for, you guessed it, reporting (the job of a journalist). 144 more words