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Sara Carter And Jay Sekulow Reveal Obama Admin Spying On Trump Prior To EO 12333

Sara Carter of Circa News was back with Hannity this week. She and Jay Sekulow, attorney and Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice, had some very interesting insights to share about the alleged spying on President Trump and his transition team. 248 more words


Gingrich Explains The Incompitence Of Paul Ryan

Newt Gingrich appeared on Hannity last night to discuss Paul Ryan’s Healthcare bill failure.

Gingrich made a sharp analogy. He said if this were one of Trump’s hotels (referring to Congress and the process), 38 people would be fired today. 217 more words


Savage Negotiations & Spirited Debate

Given how right leaning I probably come off these days, I kind of relish Hannity’s commentary tonight, especially his opening monologue. He ripped the whole process associated with our new healthcare bill as disorganized, chaotic, and contentious. 697 more words

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Ann Coulter Eviscerates Liberal Judges AND Congress

Ann Coulter is not afraid to let the world know what she thinks. Usually, she is right on the money.

Coulter spent some time talking to Hannity last night and had 3 main, critical points: 83 more words