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Hannity: Trump Demanding Answers

On Monday Night’s edition of Hannity, Host Sean Hannity discussed the ongoing Mueller Investigation and an interesting new request. During his opening monologue, Hannity stated that President Trump and the Justice Department were now asking the Inspector General to investigate the Obama Administration, and the spying they did on the Trump Campaign. 35 more words


Sean Hannity, a FOX Noise Propaganda Liar, is now Trump's National Policy Adviser, and Chief Strategist

Steve Bannon was Trump’s first choice to join his administration. Bannon’s time with Breitbart proved that he is a white supremacist, a xenophobe, a misogynist, and supports anti-Semitism. 269 more words

I Would Lie For You

It seems that Fox News red light corner whore Sean Hannity (better known as Sure Handjobity) is on a role protecting our cottage cheese leader (the Scream isn’t sure why it has selected this analogy, but hey, why not).  35 more words

Hannity Shilled for Israel Yesterday - Guest Pat Buchanan Nailed Him

I can remember warmongers Hannity and Rick Santorum lying through their teeth about poison gas in Iraq on the radio show. We should ask him what Israeli boot leather tastes like.  949 more words

Hannity Fawns Over Trump Ending Peace Deal In Most Hyperbolic Way Possible (ST)

In response to Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Deal, Sean Hannity praised Trump in possible one of the most stupidest ways possible. Kyle Kulinski breaks it all down. 6 more words


Trump Turns Up The Heat On Himself

Just when you thought the President Trump reality show could not get any more sensational, along comes another bombshell with Trump’s new lawyer and former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani, revealing that Trump knew about the hush money payment to porn star Stormy Daniels and that he reimbursed that payment to his fixer, Michael Cohen. 105 more words