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House "Freedom Caucus" Declares War on the Republican Party, Common Sense, and America

I am really sick of the takeover of the House Republican Conference by the 40 members of the “Freedom Caucus.” To be a member of this group of lunatics, apparently you have to have your common sense amputated. 547 more words


I was surfing through the TV channels this morning when Fox News announced a brand new poll. I figured this was some anti-Trump Poll so I paused to watch. 499 more words

Donald Trump And Sean Hannity Compared The GOP Debate To WWE

Donald Trump recently appeared on Fox News, all squinty-eyed and lemon-puckered like an over-confident Renee Zellweger, to recap Wednesday’s GOP debate with Sean Hannity. Both he and Hannity compared it to pro wrestling, and inadvertently gave a pretty accurate run down on a major problem in WWE: 359 more words


Victoria Jackson Discovers Obama's Mole Is Really His Conjoined Evil Twin

President Obama has been called every name under the sun – a socialist , a communist , a Nazi , gay , a gay Muslim , a terrorist , the Anti-Christ , and even an alien.  1,043 more words