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Turn America into a Defensive Fortress

Hannity on Fox News says we should deport all illegal immigrants and build walls the length of our borders with Mexico and Canada. The bizarre, incredibly irrational right wing is amazing. 470 more words

The line forms here. Or not.

Jim and I have this ongoing bit about how if he dies before me he won’t have to worry because there will be guys lined up to get a chance to take care of yours truly. 587 more words


Sean Hannity Diagnosed with Rare Form of Stupidity

NEW YORK CITY–Sean Hannity, host of the Fox News program Hannity, shocked his legions of fans today when he revealed that he has been diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive form of stupidity.   228 more words


The Interview

I was unaware that Trump had done an interview with Sean Hannity until yesterday. I watched both parts of it, one last night and one this morning to avoid overexposure, and I’m only left with a single question. 856 more words


Donald Trump-The Monster Talk Radio Created

Donald Trump continues to lead the Republican pack, according to latest polls, for the GOP nomination. This comes a week after he insinuated that debate moderator, Megyn Kelly, was “unfair” to him during last week’s debate because she was on her period.  606 more words


The Audience for Fox News

Conservative historian Bruce Bartlett, whose specialty is supply-side economics and who served in Reagan and Bush-41 administrations, has collected the results of numerous studies about Fox News and its role in American politics. 323 more words