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University to add new degree in "Armchair Epidemiology."

Seeing a massive decline in enrollment and revenues for the fall semester due to COVID-19, universities have been scrambling to innovate. With this in mind, the University of Arizona has recently promoted a new innovative degree in “Armchair Epidemiology”.   669 more words

Trump, the Trump Party, Fox News, and Fox’ Fake-Journalists Fear one Thing: The Truth

Throughout his adult life Donald John Trump kept lawyers busy protecting him from lawsuits. Most of his many legal actions have been settled out of court. 336 more words

Gowdy Weighs in On Lockdown

As the COVID-19 lockdown across the country slowly treads into its second month, some state and local governments are being accused of trampling on the Constitutional rights of their citizens. 58 more words

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Poisonous Lies: NYT Blames Fox News for Man’s Death from Coronavirus

Source: Curtis Houck

In the repugnant, never-ending liberal media crusade to not only annihilate but mortally wound Fox News (thus putting thousands out of work),  838 more words

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They were on Their Last Legs Anyway

Just as the first US deaths from Covid-19 were occurring, Trump said it is no worse than the flu, it’s not about to trigger a recession, and the pandemic nonsense is a hoax.  304 more words

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Send China The Bill

Former Arkansas governor and political pundit Mike Huckabee says he has the perfect solution to hold China accountable for the Wuhan Virus. “Let’s tally up the astronomical financial hit we are taking and subtract it from the amount of U.S. 86 more words

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