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The Last Dream of the Old Oak

“No. I don’t understand you! You have thousands of my days, but I have thousands of moments in which I can be merry and happy. Does all the splendor of this world cease to exist when you die?”


The Darning Needle

“I knew very well that I should come to honor; when one is worthy one gets on in the world!”


Your Motherfuckin' Ass, My Motherfuckin' Tail

I am the little mermaid, hopelessly devoted to your motherfuckin’ ass. You like me best because I can’t speak, and you even occasionally let me sleep outside your door on a velvet cushion like some sort of heralded Andalusian hound. 996 more words

Short Story

The Swineherd

But then the rose-tree with the beautiful rose was unpacked. “Oh, how nicely it is made,” exclaimed the ladies. “It is more than nice,” said the emperor, “it is charming.” The princess touched it and nearly began to cry. 194 more words


The Flax

“One cannot always be happy,” said the flax; “one must also suffer in order to become experienced.”

“How very happy I was,” it thought, while it suffered agonies of pain; one must be contented with the good one has enjoyed in the past. 30 more words


Fairy Tale Friday- Something

This little tale is about five brothers who really want to be something! They want to do something with their lives. The eldest brother becomes a brick-maker, the second becomes a mason, the third an architect, the fourth becomes an inventor and the fifth a critic. 108 more words

Fairy Tale Friday

Shattered #Inktober Day 12

Inktober Day 12 Shattered… with tomorrow being Friday the 13th, I thought a broken mirror would be perfect. So many fairy tales involve mirrors. The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen, is the main one that I remember specifically because it was broken. 35 more words