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Is Die Hard (1988) a Feminist Film?

I have read essays and theories on both sides of the question. The lack of representation of women shows it is not a feminist text. The fact that Holly is an intelligent, working woman means it is a feminist text. 426 more words

The Snooty Ushers Remember Alan Rickman - Part 3

With the release of Eye In The Sky featuring Alan Rickman’s final performance, here’s the third and final part of my tribute. 799 more words

The Snooty Ushers On...

Hans Gruber (Die Hard)

“I am an exceptional thief, Mrs. MacLane; and since I’m moving up to kidnapping, you should be more polite.”

It went so wrong. One man gets loose in the building and it all goes to hell. 94 more words

Die Hard

I think you would like the film Die Hard.

There is a list of films that I have not seen that I really should have. It’s mainly curated by my Dad, who is incredulous at the gaps in my movie knowledge and works to plug them. 699 more words


Why Hans Gruber is an easy bad guy to root for

As a film lover, I found Alan Rickman’s death very sad.  I realize now that I’m getting to the age where the actors featured in the “In Memoriam” bit at the Oscars are no longer MUCH older than I am, just “older.”  (Just for the record, Rickman was over 30 years older than I am.)  But I felt that I’d seen Rickman pretty much from the beginning of his film career.   1,159 more words


The Toy Chest: Die Hard

Hello, readers! I have decided to expand my toy blogging universe beyond my weekly Funko Friday series by providing a glimpse into the rest of my continually-growing cache of action figures and other collectibles. 499 more words