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Films which inspired Metal Gear-Die Hard

“Die Hard” of course is the 1988 action film that propelled actor Bruce Willis-formerly of the drama moonlighting-into superstardom. Willis played John McClane, a NYPD police officer visiting his estranged wife for Christmas in her office complex in LA-when suddenly the building is seized by a group of villains-outwardly anarchists to their hostages, their victims, and the police that soon surround the building-but actually, in fact, they’re after the millions of dollars in the company vaults. 1,080 more words

Remembering Alan Rickman

The first time I watched Harry Potter was after I was already an adult. I grew up in a household that was very conservative, so magic and wizards weren’t exactly encouraged. 437 more words


Die Hard - A Retrospective

In celebration of Christmas, the wife and I watched Die Hard. She had never seen it before; this was probably something like the seventh time for me. 756 more words


Die Hard: Missing Hans, eating twinkies, and Bruno badassery

The first thing I thought was: Where have you gone, Hans?

Watching Die Hard made me miss Alan Rickman.The late British actor was a nobody to movie audiences before he donned the precious suit of Hans Gruber and took over the Nakatomi Plaza on Christmas in 1988.Way before he played a role in Harry Potter’s adventures or broke Emma Thompson’s heart in Love Actually, Rickman was a badass thief masquerading as a terrorist in LA one cold evening nearly three decades ago. 753 more words

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Hans Gruber Lines For When You Need People To See Your Greatness

Director John McTiernan’s 1988 action blockbuster may have us rooting for the shoeless, wise-cracking John McClane (Bruce Willis), but the effortlessly conniving Hans Gruber (the late… 1,076 more words