What Companions Does the Wind Have?

A sample below of Hans Henny Jahnn’s writing from the horrific Kebad Kenya. I’m currently reading a selection published by Atlas Press. I owe a debt to… 187 more words

Hans Henny Jahnn

Hans Henny Jahnn

Astăzi se împlinesc 117 ani de la naşterea lui Hans Henny Jahnn: un scriitor a cărui popularitate nu se compară cu cea a lui Thomas Mann sau Hermann Hesse, dar care a fost întotdeauna şi mai este încă venerat într-un cerc destul de restrâns de cititori împătimiţi. 1,277 more words

Personalitati Gay

Translatables! (Part 2)

This is the second installment of a list of books and writers who should be translated into English, but haven’t yet been. Part 1 ( 2,132 more words


Blogging about God

I don’t regularly highlight blogs, except when I mention or link a post of them. I adore quite a few blogs and they turn up now and then, but this is different. 160 more words

Hans Henny Jahnn

Abyss: Hans Henny Jahnn's “Perrudja”

Jahnn, Hans Henny (1985), Perrudja, Hoffman und Campe
ISBN 3-455-03630-9

This is novel crawling with sex and violence. It’s about modernity, myth and masculinity. Can you believe no-one wanted to buy this huge and brilliant novel when it came out originally?

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