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Project LV One - Day 314 - Mona Lisa

Has anyone in the last 100 years or so actually spent time with the Mona Lisa in the Louvre?   I have never visited the museum so I can’t say what it is like for real but for what people have stood in front of the painting have told me or from what I have read it is not a pleasant experience.   178 more words

Project LV One

Hans Holbein

Hans Holbein was one of the greatest portrait painters of Europe. But, God his subjects were homely. Perhaps most of them were Dutch. I lived in Belgium for four years and I have to say that these same faces appear everywhere you go. 54 more words


A Quest For Identity...

You’ll have to forgive me, this is probably going to be a rambler – feel free to wander off now, no hard feelings.

Ah so, gluttons for a wordy post – don’t say you weren’t warned… 1,318 more words


Erasmus, Froben and Holbein

This commentary by Erasmus on the New Testament, published by Johannes Froben and embellished with woodcuts by Hans Holbein the younger, is a culmination of the talents of scholar, printer and illustrator. 470 more words

Old Library

Historical fiction? Fiction, certainly - not so sure about the history though ...

Catholic bishops have branded Wolf Hall inaccurate and anti-Catholic. Quite right. So far, half the viewers think the series is marvellous and half of them can’t follow the plot or see in the dark (which is more or less the same thing) and a million such viewers have gone off to make a cup of tea and never came back. 249 more words

Adolf Hitler

Looking the Part in Wolf Hall

Hans Holbein is a character in Hilary Mantel’s fiction. He’s a character with special influence and signifcance. After all, the way people are represented has important political effects. 436 more words

Art World Abstracts: The Real Thomas More in Hans Holbein's Painting, and More!

Jonathan Jones protests the TV series Wolf Hall’s portrayal of English philosopher Thomas More. He argues that a more accurate depiction is available in Hans Holbein’s painting of More and his family. 409 more words