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Nicholas Kratzer

Nicholas Kratzer, born in Munich in 1487, was a friend of Hans Holbein. In fact, Kratzer’s was one of the first portraits that Holbein painted when he came first to England. 537 more words

Sixteenth Century

Hans Holbein and the mystery lady

The catchily titled Lady was a Squirrel and a Starling  was painted, experts believe, on Holbein’s first visit to England (1526-28). She is sometimes supposed to be Margaret Giggs, Sir Thomas More’s step-daughter on account of the fact that her unusual fur hat is very similar to a drawing of Margaret held at Windsor in the royal collection but evidently a pointy hat was a fashionable item – because who would want to be painted in clothes that weren’t their very finest? 350 more words

Sixteenth Century

Christina of Denmark, Duchess of Milan

In October 1537 Henry VIII’s third wife, Jane Seymour, died from complications following childbirth. Henry, a man notorious for divorcing his first wife and beheading his second was in need of a new wife – or at least that was the view of his chief minister Thomas Cromwell. 636 more words

Sixteenth Century

Perfect Picture Gallery

To mark Frieze week, I’ve put together a list of what would be in my perfect picture gallery. It started off as a list of seven, but I kept adding to it. 437 more words

That White Hat: Beginning Research

I spent part of today (yes, Sunday) babysitting a green dye bath and starting some significant research for Baby’s First A&S Entry, and I can already tell that my sticking point on actually entering an A&S is going to be the fact that I always feel like there’s more research to do…. 379 more words


The Ambassadors by Hans Holbein (1553)

From the opulence on display in ‘The Ambassadors’, one could easily take this work by Hans Holbein to be concerned with the arrogance of wealth. As the eye moves across the canvas it encounters numerous statements of power. 610 more words

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