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The 16th century meets 21st century: Pablo Garcia makes temporary tattoos of memento mori skull, a la Hans Holbein the Younger’s 1533 oil painting “The Ambassadors.” A reminder of mortality, Garcia encourages us to place the skull image on our index finger and point at others (and ourselves), bringing the anamorphic skull to life in proper proportions. 107 more words

Art History

Tudor Painting

The Family of Thomas More, painting by Hans Holbein

Art Works

The Flanders Mare - Anne of Cleves

Prior to her marriage Anne of Cleves used the emblem of two white swans which stood for innocence and honesty or sincerity. They were also supporters of the Cleves badge coming as they did from the story of one of Anne’s ancestors who was guided down the Rhine by a pair of swans. 455 more words

Sixteenth Century

A weekend in a work of art

In September 2015, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Twitter feed asked which work of art people would spend the weekend in if they could. I’ve been musing this one for a while, because it’s not immediately obvious to someone whose spiritual home begins and ends with A for Abstract. 373 more words

Philip Melanchthon, after Hans Holbein the Younger

Oil on canvas panel, 5″ x 7″

This is Philip Melanchthon, a German reformer during the Protestant Reformation who co-labored along side Martin Luther. Luther was an outgoing preacher while Melanchthon was more of a gentle theologian. 205 more words


On Zombies and Sameness

This image comes from a series of sixteenth-century woodcuts called “The Dance of Death,” by Hans Holbein:

The caption comes from the Bible, from Revelation… 196 more words


Mrs Jane Small and Hans Holbein

It’ll come as a bit of a shock if you don’t already know it but this portrait is only five centimeters in diameter. She’s a miniature or as the Tudors would have known it – a limming or limning.   600 more words

Sixteenth Century