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Bands named after little known territorial disputes between two of the world’s more peaceful and easygoing nations are, to put it mildly, quite rare. Yet the tiny… 221 more words


Denmark, Canada, and the courteous battle over Hans Island

Hans Island is a tiny island in the Arctic over which Canada and Denmark are waging a war of words and…whiskey?

Gimme the gist

Hans Island is a barren, uninhabited chunk of land lost in the Arctic. 402 more words

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Hans Ø...

Hans Island is not much more than a big rock peaking in the water of the Kennedy Channel between Greenland and Canada.

Really, not much more than a rock: 378 more words

Canada and Denmark's Battle Over Hans Island Continues

According to WorldAtlas.com –

Canada and Denmark are known for their peaceful and democratic nature; one does not think of them as nations prone to sabre-rattling. 33 more words

A War of Words and Whiskey : The Most Hilarious International Dispute

Ever heard of Hans Island ? Unless you are an overzealous Scandinavian legal scholar, chances are you haven’t. In short, It is a disputed rock.( or Island, call it what you will ) 945 more words


Audio: Today's Submissions No: 6

The sixth edition of our new feature here at Twistedsoul where we dig through the many email submissions received over the past few weeks. As usual there’s some terrible music coming our way and luckily a bit of great music. 45 more words

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Hans Island - 'Im Yours'

Anything Marie Dahlstrøm touches, there is no doubt I’ll love it and when you hear her on this track, you’ll understand why.

Now she has hooked up with Canadian producer Mawhs on a collective project called Hans Island. 70 more words