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Hans Island – Break Free


The sorry state of the Canadian navy: a comparison with Denmark

Hans Island is a lump of barren rock in the middle of the Nares Strait between Canada’s Ellesmere Island and Denmark’s Greenland. It is unremarkable in every respect except this: it is situated in the territorial waters of both Canada and Denmark and has been claimed by both countries. 553 more words

Government Ineptness

Fun facts about DK...

Hans Island is not much more than a big rock peaking in the water of the Kennedy Channel between Greenland and Canada.

Really, not much more than a rock: 404 more words


Canada and Denmark Wage a Century Old Whisky War

Whisky has always brought people together. Sean Connery enjoys a neat whisky with M, teenagers dabble in cheap mixed whisky and Canada and Denmark partake in sharing a whisky on the rocks… literally. 921 more words