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Classic Damask With an Updated Look

These homeowners have built what I call a “Hansel & Gretel house” in the Garden Oaks neighborhood of Houston – lots of stone and wood on the outside, peaked rooflines, reminiscent of the fairy tale, and dark stained woodwork inside, with arched windows and vaulted / domed ceilings. 126 more words

Unjust Desserts

Unjust Desserts

By Derek Newman-Stille

I was never particularly gifted in anything. I found most of my life in the village a struggle just to get through each day. 4,529 more words


Evolution (or how stuff happens)

In 2012 I made a single, collage image of a design for a glove-puppet Witch. I’d been thinking about the glove-puppet of a Witch I’d made as a child. 682 more words


The Path Through the Wood

Above: detail from a concept drawing made at the start of the project to give a ‘feel’ for how the images of the book might look. 873 more words


Trees That Bow Low


Once upon a time, in a Norwegian wood,

There lived a kind woodsman,

Both loyal and good.

He lived with his wife who bore him a child… 426 more words


Into the Woods

With so many projects on this year, I’ve had to spread my working spaces throughout the house. The attic studio has been designated Hansel & Gretel… 394 more words

Making Books

Game Review: The Park (Xbox One)

The short description that accompanies The Park is enough to get any horror game fan salivating.

Set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark & sinister secret. 526 more words

The Disc