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The Bad Mother and the Weak Father

Maquettes  for my project with Simon Lewin of St. Jude’s Prints. Simon has been producing occasional publications under the ‘Random Spectacular’ title for quite a while. 143 more words

Maquettes And Constructions

H & G country

Now, if you think that when you’ve seen one Hansel & Gretel town you’ve seen them all, Limburg might just make you change your mind. 228 more words


14 Annoying People You See At The Gym

1. Sweaters

These people are the Hansels and Gretels of the gym, leaving a trail of moisture wherever they go. Everyone loves the feeling of sitting down for a leg press, only to feel the unmistakable slippery wetness left by a previous user seep into your shorts. 524 more words

Out of the Woods: part 2

When making a book, once the initial excitement of producing exploratory images and compiling material is over, the hard job is to decide on which of the many ideas are going to be used, before assembling the dummy-copy. 258 more words


Sign of my forge.

Rozpoczynamy kolejny tydzień w zasadzie od zakończenia projektu, w końcu udało się nam zrobić odpowiednie fotki naszego logo. A jako, że jesteśmy we Wrocławiu to nie mogło zabraknąć również zdjęcia z krasnalem. 171 more words


Fashion Doll Friday - Kelly as Gretel

Fashion Doll Friday – Kelly as Gretel

Today’s doll is Barbie’s little sister Kelly, now renamed Shelley I believe. Mattel issued a lot of Kelly and Tommy dolls in various costumes. 15 more words

Fashion Dolls

PopcultHQ Explores Upcoming Movie Sequels - Part 3

And we continue to trudge through our long list of upcoming sequels (excluding the ones for this year, the DCU and MCU movies.) Click here to see… 841 more words