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it’s the season for gingerbread houses & the fun of decorating them / i associate the gingerbread house with hansel & gretel which is my favorite fairy tale \ as a child, i was impressed with hansel’s ingenuity of leaving behind those white pebbles so he & his sister could trace their way back home / i was impressed by his quick mindedness in outwitting the witch by holding out a chicken bone instead of his finger, as she checked his progress in fattening up \ i sympathized with & feared for gretel / i was impressed by her bravery in killing the witch \ i was very bothered & angered by the murderous parents while at the same time afraid that adults could & would actually do this to children / what kind of father & mother would abandon their children in the woods, to be left in the cold & eaten by animals? 162 more words


Draw, Draw and Draw Again

Surrounding the boards on which I’m making the images for Hansel & Gretel, are scraps of paper and card on which, throughout each day, I make dozens of fast sketches. 215 more words


A Tale Dark & Grimm

A Tale Dark & Grimm

by Adam Gidwitz

AR Level 4.6, 6 points

It’s been awhile since I’ve read a book by a new author that I really enjoyed.   321 more words

hansel & gretel

no signal

ink, colored pencil, 2015


East Van Panto: Hansel & Gretel At The York December 2 - January 3

This December, make some time for a bit of fun and check out the East Van Panto: Hansel & Gretel.  This production is brought to you by the creative minds at  232 more words


A tasty tale

Here’s something for anyone with kids aged seven and over – a very special show that’s coming to your local library next month…

Written by Noel Greig and packed with plenty of music, laughter and scary bits,  145 more words