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Too clever by half!

Another Witch maquette, this one a larger version of the head and upper body to work out details. It’s not necessary for it to be over-designed or perfectly rendered. 183 more words

Making Books

The Artist on 'Witchiness' (in preparation for Hansel & Gretel)

Witches have very poor eyesight…

… so they sometimes ‘borrow’ eyes from elsewhere, to improve their vision.

They have voracious appetites, and are partial to crabs and small children. 121 more words

Making Books

The artist is taking a break...

… to work  on Hansel & Gretel.

My thanks to Helen and David, and to Mary-Ann, who made this possible.

Simon Lewin

10 o'clock list: Questions and Comments We Have About the Buns Outside The Cove

Last week, staff writer Elizabeth Norman ’16 spotted two buns and a smashed iPhone outside of The Cove in broad daylight. It turns out that the iPhone was unrelated and was later removed, but the buns were intentionally placed in the alleyway by Cove employees to “feed the birds.” Not only does this completely change my perception of The Cove, but it raises a whole set of questions and comments, that for your intellectual stimulation, we have included below. 228 more words


The Witchy Tree

Peter and I went on a walk with our friend Mary-Ann Constantine and her children on the hills above their home.

Below: cotton-grass seed heads make good Hobbit ears! 289 more words

Looking At Art

The Bad Mother and the Weak Father

Maquettes  for my project with Simon Lewin of St. Jude’s Prints. Simon has been producing occasional publications under the ‘Random Spectacular’ title for quite a while. 143 more words

Maquettes And Constructions

H & G country

Now, if you think that when you’ve seen one Hansel & Gretel town you’ve seen them all, Limburg might just make you change your mind. 228 more words