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SONG FOR 5.17.18- "Lord Only Knows" by Beck

You only got one finger left
And it’s pointing at the door
And you’re taking for granted
What the Lord’s made on the floor… 175 more words


Anne Marie Hansen - A Young Mother in Richfield

Anne Marie gasped as her knees buckled. She sat down immediately on the rough porch covering her mouth with one clinched hand, holding her chest with the other. 475 more words


Jens Hansen - Turning the Tide

Young Jens felt alone on the Oro Isle;
alone as a boy could be.
His mother and brother were taken in death,
his father was gone, so you see… 332 more words


February & March birthdays 4017

Ada takes her husband Simon out to celebrate his birthday and they’re both relieved to get out of the crowded house for a little while. 384 more words

Birthday Updates

WOD 032218


5 rounds for time of:
30 kettlebell swings
30 burpees
30 GHD sit-ups

Men: 2-pood kettlebell


January birthdays 4017

A twin birthday will kick off a new round in Barchester. Sienna Hansen celebrates her 12th birthday together with her twin brother Samuel. 868 more words

Birthday Updates


The organ which is not involved in leprosy is ?

  1. testes
  2. eyes
  3. lungs
  4. mucosa of mouth

Leprosy commonly involves every organs except –

  • CNS
  • Ovary
  • Lungs