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Ben Platt- For Forever (from the musical ‘Dear Evan Hansen’)

올해 초에 cast recording이 발매되자마자 들어본 DEH 넘버들은 신선했지만 내게는 엄청나다는 느낌까지는 주지 못했었다. 정통 뮤지컬 스타일도 아니였고 오히려 팝적인 노래들이 많아서 잠깐 듣다가 잊고 있었는데, 며칠전 우연히 유투브에서 (이제는 role 에서 내려온) Ben Platt이 라이브로 For Forever를 부르는걸 보고 뒷통수를 맞은 듯한 느낌이 들었다. 57 more words


What Can I Make with Canned Beans

The last three years have been financially challenging. More accurately, they have been extremely difficult. However, they have forced me to become more creative in finding ways to stretch a buck. 383 more words

Arabia Felix: why everyone should read the story of a failure

“On a calm winter morning, on 4th January, 1761, a company of five men, clad for a journey, were rowed out from the Tollbooth into the shipping roads of Copenhagen. 796 more words


The Death of Pan and Related Motifs

Pan was the Greek god of the wilderness, shepherds, and rustic music. He was often depicted as satyr or faun and frequently linked to Dionysus. This association meant that he was also often connected with the bacchanal attributes of drunkenness and eroticism. 1,156 more words


Complete Care

One of my recent purchases included the Sally Hansen Complete Care 7 in 1 Nail Treatment. Helping to make nail look more healthy and beautiful, it restores dry, brittle nails. 67 more words


Edna Violet Gulbrandsen - Baby Edna’s Miraculous Healing

“In the spring of 1908, Dad was called on a mission to Norway. Mother and five children were left home. In the spring of 1909, Edna was stricken with pneumonia, so the doctors thought. 239 more words