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The most-played Overwatch heroes at every skill tier

Have you ever noticed how Dva pops up a lot in competitive matches, even in the Overwatch League the Korean Killer managed to make a lot of appearances and lets face it, it is no surprise, she has great armour and fantastic mobility, with a strong offense this makes her  a truly dangerous opponent. 184 more words


Hanzo and Genji Respond to Greybeards' Call

The Greybeards called yet again for the Dovakhiin, but the responder this time wasn’t the typical Dragonborn. Hanzo and Genji, masters of the blade and bow made the climb up the throat of the world. 86 more words

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Hanzo's Right-Click Glitch

It’s been just over 6 weeks since Hanzo launched into the Nexus. He has transitioned very well alongside our fellow Heroes as currently he is ranked by most websites as an… 483 more words

Heroes Of The Storm

Hanzo and the Dragonstrike – a tricky character with a major pay-(load)-off

The game Overwatch has an abundance of characters to play as, but one of the most difficult heroes to compete with is Hanzo. With low mobility and accuracy for such a fast-paced game, he can be very hard to master. 825 more words

OW - Highlight - As Hanzo at Junkenstein

I got to play as Hanzo!?

Yeah, I still have no idea what I’m doing, but at least I put the pointy end of the arrow in the omnics some eh?