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First Of The North Star Parody Makes Fun Of Hanzo Mains In Overwatch

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If you’re an Overwatch player capable of pulling off pro strats like switching characters when the moment calls for it, you’re probably perplexed by Hanzo mains, who stick by their limited hero of choice at all costs. 86 more words


Top 5 Hardest Overwatch Heroes to Master

In a year, Overwatch has become one of the most successful team-based multiplayer online shooting game in the world. With a roster of interesting heroes, each with their unique abilities, the game offers a different playstyle and a hero for everyone. 519 more words


C4C Recordings - Inward, Hanzo & Randie - Consistency of Error LP - [Review]

The rumours have settled to be true with regards to the stir up news of Italian Trio Inward, Hanzo & Randie catapulting an LP of sorts this year. 261 more words

Drum N Bass

Rarely have I missed home the way I do tonight. It is not longing for the place itself, as there is nothing left for me there, but rather, I find myself aching to return to a certain time instead. 224 more words

Nightshade (Otome Game)|| Spoiler-free mini-review!

Hey everyone, this is Seirei typing~

I’ve been playing an otome game called “Nightshade” (by D3P Otomebu and Red entertainment) lately and it’s just so good I needed to post something about it! 477 more words


My Overwatch Tattoo

Today I went out and did something that I’m so happy about! I went to the tattoo parlor near my house and I got a tattoo of the Overwatch symbol on my wrist. 425 more words