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Japanese fusion and Hanzo restaurant

Peru is also famous for their japanese and Nikkei restaurants. More than 80,000 descendants of japanese are living in Peru. They contributed to the local cuisine bringing a japanese flavor to the most famous dishes. 99 more words


Alt Box Analysis: My Friend's Rank 428 Non-IAP Account


I inherited this account from one of my IRL friends. His interest in the game seemed to be waning, so he’s letting me take care of his account while he takes a break of indeterminate duration. 2,486 more words

Puzzle & Dragons

Sketch/Note/Scrapbook (Part 4)

So, I’d like to warn you in advance that the first two double pages have had their own posts on here already, but since they are part of my sketchbook I’d feel weird not to include them as well. 280 more words


Hanzo & McCree (Overwatch)

Haven’t showed this on here yet – I colored the Hanzo from the previous post and also drew another McCree for obvious reasons. Dude is just too damn handsome. 6 more words


Drawing Hanzo (Overwatch)

Who knew I’d enjoy drawing men and their wonderful beards?
After I was done with my two McCrees I also drew this Hanzo. ♥
When drawing characters from video games or similar I usually use a reference picture on my phone. 117 more words


Overwatch, or Why I Haven't Written You a New Story This Month

So. Overwatch.

It kind of snuck up on me, not going to lie. I remember seeing a few bits and blurbs about it a while back, and getting pretty excited by the sheer variety of the characters (an article about Zarya’s addition to the game really pulled me in).  766 more words