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Nightshade (Otome Game)|| Spoiler-free mini-review!

Hey everyone, this is Seirei typing~

I’ve been playing an otome game called “Nightshade” (by D3P Otomebu and Red entertainment) lately and it’s just so good I needed to post something about it! 477 more words


My Overwatch Tattoo

Today I went out and did something that I’m so happy about! I went to the tattoo parlor near my house and I got a tattoo of the Overwatch symbol on my wrist. 425 more words


Who Is Healing U Fucks: The Importance Of Healies In Overwatch

We’ve all been there, having somehow overcome the combined obstacles of the other team being in a party and your own team being total scrub-tier COD-kids, you’re somehow right on the cusp of the objective. 757 more words

Video Games

Bloggerino #3

Why is your hair orange? Hah! Beats me!!! I mean one of my dads is Japanese and the other is… well honestly I don’t know what Jesse is. 511 more words


Legal "Church of Hanzo" Established in Brazil

Who’s ready to worship?

Overwatch is an incredibly fun game, no doubt about it. With 30 million active players, and multiple awards won, it definitely has an influence in the video game world, but would you consider it a religion? 307 more words

About the delay

Sorry about the delay. I’m helping my grandparents in Arkansas with a ton of stuff. Seven days straight of manual labor kind of stuff. I thought I’d have some time to write actual blogs while being down here, but haven’t found the time. 23 more words


Starting again soon

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I blogged. Just been dealing with some stuff at home. I’ll be blogging again soon, maybe even as early as tomorrow.