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Hanzo Rework

The recent updates on Overwatch is the reworked Hanzo. Since I named this blog Hanzo Main Overwatch, you can most likely guess that I am a Hanzo main. 1,166 more words


Lightning Tracer Just Got Revealed

With Overwatch about to launch its 2nd Anniversary event its only natural that they would release some cheeky little teases to entice us into the gaming spirit and today’s was no exception. 105 more words


Hanzo - No Fear

     Hanzo has been killing it this year, with his last two releases “Chillout” and “Fortnite” being crazy good and doing well numbers wise, with “fortnite” hitting 100k not too long ago. 76 more words



After many complaints of Scatter Arrow being to overpowered and Hanzo being a throw pick, Blizzard has decided to rework Hanzo, with his new version currently in the PTR(Public Test Region). 202 more words


Day 3 - part 2 "They teleported there, what am I supposed to do?"

As usual, the moral of the story at the start of the article:

Know when you’re ahead and how to make the most of it. The game, as well as the life, doesn’t have to be an endless struggle. 504 more words


Day 1 - "Tiranda is a healer"

Regarding our loss, today’s lesson would be: focus your effort on a single target. It doesn’t matter if it’s a burly tank or a squishy dps dealer, they die just as well. 697 more words


6 Dogs - Ok

Following the success of his last single “Buttcheeks,” 6 Dogs returns with another one titled “ok.” 70 more words