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Sullivan Mitochondrial Haplogroup V17

Results for K M are in and now we are just waiting on B A‘s results.

Today I will explain about the mitochondrial  DNA (mt-DNA) results for the female line of my family. 386 more words


County Connections

About a year ago I received Sarah Jane Taylor’s death certificate and being the lazy/inept  genealogist that I am, I haven’t done that much with it.   325 more words


Ultrasound Pictures

Did I mention we are expecting?  Looks like it’s an alien baby!

20 week scan:

Haplogroup V7

Mom's Autosomal DNA

Two things surprised me about her autosomal results: her 10% nonspecific Northern European (in addition to 3.7% British & Irish and .9% French & German), and her low amount of Middle Eastern and North African.   20 more words


Mom's Maternal Haplogroup

And my own as well.


Haplogroup V first appeared in Iberia toward the end of the Ice Age, about 16,000 years ago, when Europe’s human population was mostly restricted to a few temperate enclaves in the southern part of the continent. 590 more words


Dr. McDonald Interprets Grandma's Data

Most likely fit is 58.1% (+-  0.2%) Europe (all Western Europe) and 19.3% (+-  0.1%) Mideast (all North Africa) and 22.6% (+-  0.3%) America (various subcontinents) 273 more words


Dr. McDonald BGA Update

I didn’t send him my X chromosome data the first time around.  So I re-sent him my data and he kindly re-ran it for me.   116 more words