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Our hopeful premonitions

Sometimes as I am drifting off to sleep I imagine a live news story on discovery of a habitable Earth-like exoplanet. The feelings of wonder, joy, curiosity and triumph combine to create a comforting carriage into slumber. 48 more words

Happenings & Musings

Learning to snowboard...and crash...indoors

I’ve been a longtime ski enthusiast, but I’ve often fantasised about the idea of being able to crossover to snowboarding. I’ve tried my hand at it a couple of times, but I haven’t committed to serious time to improve my boarding. 450 more words

Happenings & Musings

Sculpture by the sea

Every year, thousands of people flock to the coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches to check out the art installations as part of Sculpture by the Sea… 191 more words

Happenings & Musings

What do you think of the new Sheepless redesign? A cleaner interface and a menu dedicated to highlighting my travel storiesĀ and adventures!


Fireworks over Sydney harbour

Earlier this month, Sydney Harbour hosted naval boats from all around the world as part of the Royal Australian Navy’s International Fleet Review. The event was held to commemorate the centenary of the Navy’s first arrival into Sydney Harbour, and thousands of people flocked to vantage points all around the harbour to see the boats sailing in through the heads. 199 more words

Happenings & Musings

Alaska and CENTURY 121

I have slowly began to settle into Alaska after about three months. The weather is cold, which is to my liking. I am also pleased to announce that I’ve gone and started an online poetry and fiction magazine. 40 more words

Happenings & Musings

Hovering desire

So it is just a ‘concept’ hovercar? But I want one. Now. =) Leave it to Volkswagen to make it look so very cool.

Happenings & Musings