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Why is Australia so happy?

A report about the happiest countries came out earlier this year and surprise surprise….we didn’t make the top 10.

We came in at #15, behind Isreal, Costa Rica, Austria and Mexico.   760 more words


Here are the world's 10 Most happiest countries

As ranked by Gallop. In its second annual list,  Panama takes the cake as the world’s happiest country.

  1. Panama (53%)
  2. Costa Rica (47.6%)
  1. Puerto Rico (45.8%)
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Happiest Countries

From your own experience with locals, which city in the Metro would you consider then happiest? Here’s a very interesting report from Fast Coexist that takes that question worldwide. 151 more words


World's Happiest Countries: Land Of Swiss Watches And Chocolates Leads World’s Happiest Countries

World’s Happiest Countries- Do you live in one of the happiest countries in the world? This year, Switzerland takes the lead of the world’s happiest countries as announced in New York on Thursday. 346 more words

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Nigeria ranked No. 4 in Africa in most happiest countries

The list of the happiest & unhappiest countries in Africa was released recently and it shows that Libyans are the happiest people in Africa. 25 more words


Happiest Countries List Released; Switzerland on Top

Proof that cold weather does not make you unhappy. Look at the top eight happy countries!

Switzerland topped the list of the happiest nations, and all of the top eight were in the global north… Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands, and Sweden. 90 more words