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Review: Happily by Sophie Tanner.

I love finding books which are a bit different to what I usually read every now and again. As you will all know, I do read a lot of fantasy and I love psychological thrillers.  435 more words


A Way To Handle Negative

A man named Negative. He throws himself at you wanting to craze up your innards and make ya combust into specks of nothing. Negative wants ALL of us doomed to specks!  350 more words


4 reasons why you should spend time with yourself

If you are one of those people who like to hang out with your friends all the time, have another boyfriend/girlfriend waiting for them if they want to break up,  never go shopping or for a walk by themselves you may have some insecurity issues. 380 more words


She was a Sex Worker..

I looked at her. I didn’t hear what she had said. I just looked into her eyes. The room was badly lit. We could barely see each other, but her face… 851 more words


Why Complaining About Your Marriage Might Just Save Someone Else's

It’s not the most romantic way to start off a new blog on Relationships by ranting and analyzing the weaknesses of your 32 year marriage, so I won’t do that. 1,146 more words