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Two items that had my kids playing happily for hours

The other afternoon, we had a major breakthrough in our family. Our two kids, ages 2 and 4.5, played together — without us — for almost three straight hours. 11 more words


Programs Isla and the Happily Ever After

Fortunately, most hotels realize how important it is for guests to continue taking care of their health even if they are on a holiday. You can then check out… 289 more words

Ringing Bells

In response to Creativity Carnival: The Bell

There are bells ringing in my head

Every day when I leave my bed

They are loud and they are strong… 49 more words


The Beautiful Peacock

One day, there was a boy called Robet. He was going to a jungle Safari.

Just then, he heard a sound like this …. rraaarr! He looked behind and he saw a tiger and he ran as fast as he could. 178 more words


The Air Adventure

One day, Bel, Gel and Sel were going to the park. They saw their friend, the brown worm. They played football, tennis and badminton and they played cricket. 117 more words


Living life quarterly

One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching. -Unknown Author-

Each day is little life. 1 Week is 7 days of life. 355 more words

Khushi Se

The Horse Cannon Ball

One day, Bel, Gel and Sel were riding on a horse. Bel, Gel and Sel wanted the horse to run real fast. But the horse said,”If I run real fast you will fall. 170 more words