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He wanna marry happily.

As I opened my eyes

The setup was very pretty

The black was he

And white was she

The father chanted the words

gave her hand in his… 46 more words

Debby Ryan - 7/28/16 | Lemonade found Lori. Happily ever after. One down...

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How to travel with friends, happily

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Taking a vacation with friends could turn out to be the getaway of a lifetime or one that is a total disaster. How do you make sure the trip is a success? 486 more words

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Happily ever after, literally

What if you could be happy forever, like literally. We all know the ending to the fairy tales and how it ends with a happily ever after and we all know that it doesn’t happen, why? 398 more words

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Live Happily Ever After: Creating a Fairy Tale Interior

Pretty accessories, elegant touches, and finishes fit for a king all combine to create a fairy tale interior. From delicate pastel palettes to chic chandeliers, this sweet and sophisticated style is dreamy, decadent and perfect for any home. 485 more words

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Going Mad

What happens when happiness and madness come together,

does happiness win,

does it always win,

Jesus Christ,

it’s not fucking Walt Disney,

there’s no happily ever after, 30 more words

Loving someone makes you feel as though you have all the strength in the world, you love freely and happily, the two of you in your own little world.

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