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A Few of My Thoughts

It’s a quiet night here on the home front. I can hear the wind whipping by the window as the heat kicks on the background. When it’s cold like this, more than ever I am grateful to have a warm place to call home. 98 more words


View From The Window

As I watched her car back out of the driveway, I felt the old familiar pain of feeling goodbye. Saying the words are one thing, but experiencing the pure devastation of the reality that she is gone is on a level that is indescribable except to the heart. 142 more words


Limiting Negative Language to Achieve More Happiness in Your Life

How often do you really listen to what you say?

The language we choose to use is a really good indication of where our mindsets are. 545 more words


What I Learned About Time

Sending my daughter off to college this year has trained me to be more mindful of the time I have. I have wasted so many minutes, hours, even years on the things and situations that drove me crazy but that I would never have the power or control to change. 176 more words


How to put on your Crown of Smiles #BlueMonday

Blue Monday

This  middle Monday  of January according to researchers is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year which is  based on some scientific caluclations which takes into account things like the weather, the fact that we are recovering from christmas,  worrying about at our debts from overpsending at christmas etc. 337 more words


The Sky Is NOT Falling

My eyes popped open in the middle of the night resulting in hours of lying there imprisoned by my own mind. The more time passed by, the darker my thoughts got. 388 more words


Now is the Time

Our understanding of time, of past, present, and future, is largely something we conjure up. We dwell on our notion of time. Another year. Another day. 390 more words