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Personal Mission Statements are the new Resolutions

I love used book stores. Well, I love book stores in general, but there is always something special about used ones. Maybe it’s the fact that all of the books once belonged to someone else, or the fact that it’s as if you are rediscovering someone else’s once beloved treasure. 512 more words


I'm Baaack

WELL, it’s been days.

Over the past week, procrastination and motivation have been at logger-heads as to when I should write my next post. From my lack of writing, you will be able to see that procrastination had been winning … until now! 322 more words


Happy to Forgive

What has happened when you have tried to forgive yourself and others? Is resisting to forgive making you unhappy? Forgiveness might be the key that finally breaks a pattern and sets you free. 1,397 more words


Novel Writing

So it’s been a little while since I blogged. Thankfully, I don’t have a zillion followers and even if I did, I doubt they would believe that a whole lot was missing from their life haha. 841 more words

Finding Fun (Pt 1)

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“Work hard. Play harder.” Those are words that I’ve always wanted to live by. And based on my commitments this month, I had the excuse to at least play as hard as I worked. 873 more words

Happiness Project

Die Doing What You Love

NPR shared a special story this week that I haven’t been able to get out of my head. Jane Little was a tiny 4’11” double bass player who joined the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra when she was 16. 202 more words

Happiness Project

Air BNB Experience

Traveling for the winery is one of the aspects I really enjoy. About a week ago, I took a trip to Charleston, South Carolina. I went to Charleston to visit my friend and gallery owner Ella, of… 145 more words

Happiness Project