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Happiness List Week 21

This week’s challenge is to list the opportunities that others have given you throughout your life.

I’ll hit some of the lightlights:

  • My parents gave me the opportunity to grow up on farm where I learned all about hardwork, responsibility, basic survival skills, how to use your imagination, to be resourceful, and to enjoy the lighthearted, fun moments.
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Happiness List Week 20

This weeks challenge is to list the happiest people you know. I wrote out my list then looked at the similarities in these happy-hearted folks. 40 more words


Sometimes Parenting is Crying in the Bathroom

I had a completely different post planned today. What I planned to write about, was the power of the words we use with our children. I have that post mostly written; however, when your focus for the month is parenting and you end of closing yourself in the bathroom, because you feel like a complete failure, I feel like that should probably be addressed. 702 more words

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Happiness High Standards

I watched another TED Talk. One thing I love about a TED Talk is that because they are short, you can get a lot of information in a small amount of time. 434 more words

Happiness Project

Watch this space - Rebrand coming soon!

As I have now reached a year of my Happiness Project, I am ready to rebrand and rename my old title ‘Happiless’ to something that reflects the place and space I am in now. 59 more words

Reading List: May 2018 Paperbacks

I thought it would be fun to make a reading list of all of the books I am currently reading. I hope you guys enjoy it. 402 more words


Taboos of Parenting

There is a really great Ted Talk I watched yesterday about 4 Taboos of Parenting.┬áDuring the Talk Rufus Griscom and Alisa Volkman, the founders of Babble, discuss the expectations of parenting versus the reality of parenting and the taboo things we as parents… 853 more words

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