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I love my cat

I could literally leave this post at just that.  I love my cat, she’s better than all pets on earth, no arguing.

On Christmas Day 2014, I decided that I wanted to spend the next day at shelters, just looking at cats (THIS IS NEVER A GOOD IDEA). 389 more words

Losing Your Temper

I’ll admit it.  I lost my temper.  I cursed the driver’s name (although I don’t know it), her family, her car, her life, everything.  I feel like the next part of this post is my holy confession.   256 more words



I just realised that already, I am stressing.

Stressing over what tasks go to each month, and so does that mean that I have to wait until the designated month to start my assigned tasks?, but I want it to be exactly like Gretchen’s project!, etc. 246 more words

What will my project be based on?

It’s been a few days,

I haven’t really thought about this happiness project much , to be honest, I was too busy trying to sort out various aspects of my life. 176 more words

Social media unrest

I’ve been sort of back on fb just over a week now. It’s exactly the same as I left it. The same bullshit politics and tragedies. 413 more words


Weekly tip: Give compliments

I don’t know about other cultures enough to be sure, but in my country giving compliments (and actually receiving too!) is one of the most difficult things in human interaction. 226 more words

Happiness Project

A Year of Reading: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

It seems love is in the air, as the theme of February’s A Year of Reading book challenge was romance. I am not normally a reader of romance books, so I went with the nonfiction recommendation,  771 more words

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