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FIFTY FIVE. The Lake of The Ozarks! My family and I have come down here every summer since I was a kid, and it’s an amazing place to just get away and relax for a while.

Happiness Project

Learning to hit pause

It always surprises me that, at least for me, health is generally the first thing to fall to the wayside once stress hits. It generally means half-assed (or no) workouts, lack of sleep and, perhaps worst of all, resorting to quick and often unhealthy meals. 692 more words



FIFTY FIVE. Much needed rest today! I’ve slept pretty much all day, my body and mind are trying real hard to recover from this weekend!

Happiness Project


FIFTY FOUR. Mental pep-talks. Before I go into a new rehearsal or a convention, I like to tell myself “you are not a back row dancer.” because if you believe it, it will become true!

Happiness Project


FIFTY THREE. Unexpected suprises. Like the fact that one of my closest friends from Texas happens to be in Chicago and neither of us knew that the other person would be there.

Happiness Project


FIFTY TWO. New friends make me happy! I love meeting new people whenever I go to dance events and the only bad thing is that I have to leave them at the end of the weekend!

Happiness Project


FIFTY ONE. Road trips with my momma! We’ve taken them a lot for dance, and they’re one thing I’m going to miss a lot!

Happiness Project