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You know what I’ll always love the most about what we have? Our bubble.

The bubble that gets created as soon as we’re together. That bubble no one can penetrate and that makes it seem like no one else can even reach it – people are there but they don’t participate in our world. 184 more words


No Time November

November 19th 2018

This month is flying by and I’m trying to catch it while it’s here~ 491 more words


2 + 1

The happiest I’ve ever been
Was when I made your two a three
You’ve no idea what this means to me
And you never will… 198 more words


reason to..

It has been almost 3 frivolous months of being at home. A sabbatical on its verge of going horribly wrong. Not that it is loathed every day. 389 more words


Giving thanks for giving up

Here we are again, y’all. The holidays. It’s the time of year dieters and binge eaters dread all year long: the food is SO good, the temptation is SO bad, and the guilt is so deeply ingrained that it’s a point of conversation at holiday celebrations. 470 more words

Intuitive Eating

I'd Rather Be (annoyingly) Happy

My posts in general tend to keep an upbeat, positive perspective, even when the subject is on the grim side of things. I was thinking about quoting an outdated old metaphor here…the one about attracting more bees with honey than vinegar. 1,292 more words

Life Authentic

10 tips for time management

Not managing your time can cause so much unneeded stress! By managing your time wisely, you can not only avoid this stress, but you can also make time for yourself! 288 more words

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