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The Conditioning...Being 'Good / Bad' vs Being 'Right / Wrong'

I am not truly aware if same is the case in other parts of the world, but there’s a way with the traditional Indian community where children, especially girls, are conditioned to be good right since childhood. 1,434 more words


How to Have Fun with Life (2 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Writer: M. Davis

Founder & Owner of: Clear Dope

Contributor and Successful Living Writer

Remember when you were a child, how much fun you had.Everything was playful and interesting. 288 more words

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Smiling in the snow 

If you see an incredibly young for her age female wink wink, wandering around with earphones on and a wearing a smile, possibly even laughing to herself. 88 more words


Manifesting Your Dream 2018

2018 is almost upon us and I am already feeling inspired to get clear on what I will be manifesting in the New Year. I don’t know why, but I just love doing this. 741 more words


What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question)

Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…?

Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. 62 more words

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Live Your Life to the Fullest! Here’s How! (2 min read)

1. Follow what your heart says.

Always follow what your heart says no matter what everyone else is saying. Way too often too many people are caught up doing what everyone else is doing and then tend to forget about who they are. 338 more words

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Health and Happiness

What do happiness, contentment, depression and anxiety have in common? Well they are all feelings or emotions and they are all expressions of how you are feeling. 379 more words