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Why we fail to become rich | Tidbits

Getting rich, after religion, is one of the most selling concepts in human history. You can see it everywhere. In articles like ‘How to become wealthy: It’s simpler than most experts say’, in books… 11 more words


Clair de Lune (Moonlight)

Moon shine’s its

penetrating light

through the darkness

of a nightfall

Illuminating the snow

like a chandelier

© NJ

Image courtesy:- Pixabay

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Finding joy 

After my last post I’ve been actively perusing joy in the world. I’m making a real effort to see joy in others and find what is causing the happiness that can be found. 391 more words


Rose-tinted glasses

I hate “think-positive-and-positive-things-will-happen” preachy-type people. Or those who insist that if you focus on the good things, all things good will keep coming your way. I don’t think that those types have any idea of what it feels like to be depressed. 283 more words



I never picked a proper tune to dance to

And I never got in step with any goal

And in all those dancing years

I spent wishing I could hear… 54 more words


Forms and Reality.

When we think of our future or future events, we obviously use our ability to imagine and to decorate and furnish a blank future with images and colour, to plan and dream and picture life as we would like to it be. 1,063 more words

1 driving lesson down 7 to go

Firstly thanks to all your support earlier today. The driving instructor was 15 minutes late. But turned into a blessing. Because I went from extremely anxious to nervous. 271 more words