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How I'm handling my past relationship..

It’s so hard to explain the feeling I have inside, Why do I miss someone who treated me like such crap? I want to write this because for 5 months I’ve been haunted by memories. 1,531 more words


Bottling up one's emotions

If you had asked me a few years ago, this would have gotten a better rating from me. It has all the benefits or never being sad, and if it means you never get to be happy, well, it’s not like happiness is terribly common. 49 more words


Palm Trees to Pine Trees

This is my very first blog post, so please forgive me. This is about finding your happiness.

🌴Palm Trees 2 Pine Trees🌲 is about doing what you love and doing what makes you happy. 252 more words


Interview with Rajshree Agarwal: From India to America

If you are truly interested in individual freedom and capitalism, this is a must-see, fabulous, and insightful video interview of Dr. Rajshree Agarwal by Dave Rubin of the… 121 more words

John's Ponderings

Day 302: How to be productive

Today hasn’t been a terrible display of productivity. But it wasn’t everything I was hoping I’d be able to make out of it. So, I thought maybe I need to check I’m doing it right. 394 more words

Gondolas, gelato and a lot of bridges

I was lucky enough to experience the beauty of Venice earlier this month, taking a break from the world of work to witness the City of Bridges. 314 more words