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The 'Lament' of the Stressed Out Worker

‘If only I wasn’t so stressed, I could be so happy.’ Sound familiar? Even when you count your blessings, there’s always a ‘but..’.

I try a lot of things to de-stress, but there’s little that has the power of music. 379 more words

Happiness is Subjective- Acceptance is Eveyrthing!

I want to share with you all an ‘A-ha moment’ I had over the weekend while enjoying a catch-up brunch session with a friend of mine :) 214 more words


Giving yourself permission to explore options

by Bernadette Healy

Perhaps you just have to get out and try something else for a while.

Did you have any physical reaction when you read that sentence? 479 more words


Calligraphy Girl

Penciled eyebrows arched in surprise
bright red lips and stiletto heels
short white gloves like her mother wore
and always a billowing skirt,
crinolines attached for extra flounce. 74 more words

Live For Today

What is happiness?

I’m sitting here, looking at the above quote, and I can’t help but agree with what Repplier says about happiness. This quote really moves me because I have long forgotten how to really keep myself happy. 367 more words

100 de zile de fericire - ziua 4

Azi la amiază a plouat…și am prețuit fiecare moment în care am ascultat ploaia…oh, și cât îmi mai place mirosul ploilor de vară! Sunt fericită! 71 more words



Happiness Lingers Still

Only A Positive Mind-set Brings

Peace And Love And Lots Of Things

Even When Life Lemons Will Fill

Entry by M. H.