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What single factor most determines whether or not you experience positive feelings aka happiness?

(If you read The Prefixed Life you know we preach that 90% of your… 403 more words

Meaning Of Life

It was worth it....

Some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago I introduced you to my French friends Alice and Pierre Bo-Bo…

I guess what I forgot to tell you was that Alice is HER Bo-Bo…SHE keeps Alice on the bed in the guest bedroom (lucky Alice). 86 more words

Wintry Weather, A Poem

Short light, dark night,

The beginning of winter.

Persistent rain’s patter,

Cracking hail’s clatter,

Distant rumbling din.

Dripping leaves,

Naked trees,

Silhouettes on a monotone sky. 75 more words

Let it Go... Can you?

We have a great tendency to enjoy feeling sorry for ourselves and so we wallow in our disgruntled fumings. But it just fuels the ability to be hurt again! 84 more words

The Whole Jolly Lot!

A Life Full of Laughter

Don’t ever go a day without laughing.  A laugh will not only brighten up your day but also the day of the people around you.  Each day is too short to always be upset or disconnected.   47 more words


Wealth Quote of the Day

“Hope is the beacon which points to prosperity.”  Edward Counsel

Happy Family Bonding Nights

Have any of you ever eaten a “Sajji”? I’m sure it goes by different names around the world, but here where I live it’s called Sajji. 781 more words

Personal Raves