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Downtime is important for your health.

Everything these days is go, go, go. This week has been so FULL. Not much home time at all. And while I am not complaining, because I’ve gotten to spend time with Mum and family and friends (and get lots of appointments over and done with), I think it’s important for everyone to acknowledge that you need that time where you can sit down and do whatever you want to do without thinking about all the things you have to do and the places you have to go. 308 more words

Mental Illness

Do Fulfilled Expectations Constitute Happiness?

Am I the only one who wakes up with a mile-long list of expectations for the day? To tell the truth, my oh-so-precious mental expectation list is pretty long yet I’m sure it consists of things that are all too common for most of us. 556 more words

You Always Find What You Look For

“How you arise in the morning sets the tenor for your day. If you arise positive and happy and intend to have a great day, it is far more likely you will. 381 more words

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Happy 2018 - Day 18 - While you're dreaming BIG: Are you selling yourself a lie?

Throughout my childhood and up until my late-twenties, my dream was to travel. I’d tell anyone who’d listen how I wanted to travel the globe, finishing off with a permanent move to Australia. 577 more words

Happy 2018: 365 Days Of Happy!

Why did you try?

Why did you try?

Was it to escape the pain? Was it to put an end to the noise inside your head? Did you really want to die? 371 more words

Most Important

girl crush

We only recently became friends.

There is an open ease and a timid unknowing between us.

I love her home. I love the way she lives her life, free of the limits so many carry. 108 more words

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Thankfulness Thursday!

The past week has been pretty good for me. I’ve made a conscious effort to do things I enjoy and to get out of the house every single day. 105 more words

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