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Simply A Matter of Perspective

I wrote a post about balance the other day, specifically about trying to balance work and life, and how I’ll probably never master that balance, because I don’t think balancing is something you can actually master. 943 more words

Random Musings

Tell Me Something Good #97

Over at amommaview.wordpress.com, there’s a space on the site called Tell Me Something Good  dedicated to promoting positivity happenings in the lives of people. I decided to give it a go! 231 more words

Give Up Anger for Lent... I mean, Happiness

I posted this picture about a year ago. I guess I was in a similar place in my life as this felt relevant today as well. 260 more words


Making Laughter a Priority

Today I wanted to write about something that I feel like often goes overlooked if you are feeling down in the dumps. Of course, if you are feeling the blues, you should take care of yourself by exercising, eating healthy foods, getting enough sleep, and so forth. 1,048 more words


Diamonds, Toilets and Turds

First I must say that this blog has a language warning. Some examples have strong language, no F-bombs but still strong language.

Let’s talk about personal development, relationships (both with our self and with others), self-worth, self-respect, and settling. 459 more words

I passed a park

Today I passed a park I have never passed before.

This isn’t that unusual as I was in an area I haven’t been before

There was a very large gathering of prams and pushchairs, visible from a distance. 55 more words