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Even more beautiful

The world did not change and neither did the lights around me

I was still surrounded by darkness

Choking myself, trying to find a way to breathe… 463 more words


How to Function when your EX and your Best Friend Get Together

  1. Have ALOT of angsty teen dance parties. Better yet just play New Rules on repeat because it perfectly describes getting over someone that you had a serious relationship with.
  2. 358 more words

Don’t waste your time…Run to the next window

There are quotes that I happen upon that, thought totally unrelated, just seem to naturally go together. Here are two that I have collected over time from the Jack’s Winning Words blog: 637 more words


4 Years?? Really?

Time is a funny thing. Sometimes you look back at something and think ‘I can’t believe that was 4 years ago! It feels like it was yesterday!’ While other times, you’ll look back at something else and think ‘That happened 4 years ago? 24 more words


Loving Kid 1

I remember the first time I saw him. I was a gonner. I utterly loved him from that first day. A life changing moment that this little six year old had no idea he had just inspired. 425 more words