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stubborn happiness

I gave up on the one image a day for a time and realize I miss looking for that beauty. Maybe I didn’t know if I could always find it. 62 more words

We Stay Love

Setting Sail A Dead End Relation-ship

Is it time for you to set sail? Are you holding onto a relationship of some sort beyond the expiration date? Often times, life gives us clear subtle hints when it’s time to release a situation. 398 more words


my scraps: dispose of these, responsibly and properly.

Please look, but do not touch.

Gently admire with your words, but do not smother me with your nervous palms. It is the veil of half-truth that I crave to cover my face with. 122 more words


A Simple Practice – The Four Mainstays

We see the living of life according to the Four Mainstays, a lifestyle that has never been presented to human beings as an offering before, a lifestyle in which there is a simple practice for maintaining mental and emotional stability at all times, where there is a trainer to go to twenty four hours a day for support, where there is a written training. 117 more words

Candice O'Denver

Impatient Driver

You ride my bumper as if it’s invisible;

 Ruffing up your motors as if it will fly you to space.

 Curve by curve you tailgate my end as if you are holding on for dear life. 299 more words

Quote Unquote: Blaise Pascal 

All men seek happiness. This is without exception. Whatever different means they employ, they all tend to this end? – Blaise Pascal

This quote reminds me to be without judgement.

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Do more people desire death or immortality?

Does everyone like being alive?  Happy people surely do, almost by definition.  If you’re happy, then you are apparently having a good time.  Nobody wants to stop having a good time, otherwise they wouldn’t call it “good” in the first place.   541 more words