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I wrote this is January 23, 2011.  I still have PMDD but I am learning to catch it early. I feel I want to hug the person that is me that wrote this four years ago. 348 more words


Why it's Okay to Cry

For many people apologising for their negative emotions is an instinctive response. We are told from a young age that we shouldn’t cry or express anger and that is an incredibly damaging concept! 366 more words


I am Responsible

I have to take the responsibility for everything that happens because of me. I do not make mistakes because of others. Also, I do not succeed because of others. 105 more words


Hey cuckoo

Hello :)

 Today we’ll talk about the small daily pleasures , of being happy for the things that each day we , or we see them without special attention. 71 more words


Being true to our passion.

75% of people are not happy with who they are. They wished they were rich. They wished they had a toned body. They wished they were anyone but who they were. 283 more words



Dear Reader,

This day marks the day that I was set free. Shackles left me wounded though. And as I forced myself to move on, I found myself healing my cuts with antiseptic which stung me like hell. 135 more words