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Trying To Get Back In Shape

I know I look miserable, but I’m actually happy and excited!

And my little dog is behind me enjoying a treat. 😁


Tea, coffee,drums.."Buckt"

If you live in Birmingham, go buy a”Buckt”

What’s a “Buckt” I hear you ask

It popped up on Groupon, 5 unusual activities in Birmingham for a hugely reduced fee, what’s the snag? 58 more words


Good Behaviour

Good Behaviour doesn’t have any Monetary Value..
But, it has the Power to Purchase Million Hearts!


Change is a good thing! You were made for more!

Let’s talk about change and growth. Are you willing to change and grow as a person? Since separating from the Air Force I’ve gone through that period of “HELL YES I’M A CIVILIAN” to “oh gosh how could I have made certain circumstances better had I only changed my mindset?”. 465 more words


Short story about the holiday in Greece


Momentan încerc să îmi așez gândurile și pozele din vacanța în Grecia, despre care vă voi povesti în următoarele articole de pe blog. Fiind multe de spus, voi începe cu drumul în sine. 318 more words


Slow down before it is too late

You wake up and it is off to the races. You run through the checklist in your mind hoping you are not forgetting something. All day long it is the same. 1,173 more words

Money matters. We all know it, but too few couples are open to fully involving their spouse in the financial aspect of their marriage. This is dangerous.

172 more words