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What Should Be Your Life's Default Setting?

On games, on phone, on any gadgets and software possible, there is that one unique default setting for each that stays when you did nothing, and that you can reset if something had gone wrong. 712 more words


Dogs Are Stoics

Dogs don’t complain, whine or bitch (pardon the pun). 9 more words

Personal Success

More wise words from Jodi Kisstien

Here are some wise words from an old school friend Jodi. She also gave some context in a Facebook post below.

“There have been countless times that I have been guilty of not doing something I said I was going to. 117 more words


Jhana Grove: Beautiful gentle rain like snowing … 

I was hoping to see rain in the forest. It rained the night before the retreat ended, I was in bed, just too cold and dark to be out to feel the rain. 105 more words

Workshops 'n' Retreats

Jhana Grove: Forest Bathing. Not by thinking but experiencing it…

Pausing, observing the forest and soaking in the pure energies. Listen to the sounds of nature – little birds singing, raven cawing, buzzing busy bee, forest winds blowing, little stream. 66 more words

Personal Growth

Right way of living

When we start following others one day we don’t realize it that while following them only we become a teacher and start lecturing others . To follow and to lecture is very easy but to follow someone and always remember the person while lecturing is the most difficult part of learning and the most beautiful part .