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Find A Friend for Life 👭👫

Sometimes when your having a bad day, when you feel like nothing is going right and you just need someone to ‘get it’ and ‘understand’ … 331 more words


Who else is looking forward to the weekend?

It’s finally here!!! I know what I am doing this weekend : )


Colour is a constant inspiration!

Bright colours are the best for showing your happiness outwardly!

In Love

I’m in love with many things:
The breath before a song starts,
The smell of an autumn morning,
Sunlight dancing through the trees,
The moment before kissing someone for the first time, 76 more words


You have to let that hurt go...

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another blog by yours truly “theplainjane”. I have had so many thoughts running through my mind lately and I really wanted to speak on the topic of letting the hurt go and anything that brings discomfort, misery, or pain. 541 more words



Power changes people. I’m honestly surprised that I’m no different in that regard. I’ve been given the keys to the kingdom and the power to unlock any doors I feel like opening. 281 more words


You can't purchase romance

Romance and love

Definition of romance ~》

Two people who are in love apart from sexual relationship, there are few ways to show up their affection to each other. 635 more words

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