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17 Sustainable Ways To Be A Better Person To Yourself And To Others

1. Focus on being completely present when you’re having a conversation with another person. You’re going to fail at it a million times, you’re going to be distracted a million times. 488 more words

February 11: Imagining The Future

We need men who can dream of things that never were. ~John F Kennedy

Can we imagine a building that has never been built? A song that has never been sung?

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TED Thursday: Step Back for a Moment

Every Thursday I will be choosing and posting a TED Talk that I think should be shared with you. I will not go at length about the benefits of it; they speak for themselves! 129 more words



Bed bugs!! Eewww!

Back in Dubai and welcomed big time by the big bugs. These ugly monsters hiding under my bed! Sounds kinda like that song yea…?! 237 more words


Hope or the Loss Thereof

There has been a large rise in depression and suicides over the last decade. Some say it’s because we now live in such a high stress, fast paced world. 892 more words


Mind Palace. Do not get confused. It may/may not be royal for you. For me, it where I sojourn whenever I run into any problems or face a dilemma. 733 more words


“It’s okay to be apologetically YOU.”