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Telling Tales

Can you tell yourself a story that’ll make you upset? For instance: “I just heard a noise and I’m pretty sure it’s zombies that came to destroy me.” If you can do that, does that mean you can also tell yourself a story that’ll make you feel good? 151 more words


Feeding the good wolf: Day 8. A lovely spring day.

How beautiful has the weather been today ?! It’s really been ice cream weather. It’s so nice to finally soak up some proper vitamin D and leave the coat at home. 137 more words


(K)need a Break from Netflix

This past Tuesday I underwent ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee after injuring myself playing in a recreational soccer league. I know what you all are thinking, “Shannon, you’re 23-years-old and out of shape. 1,996 more words


Why I Wake Early...

“Watch, now, how I start the day in happiness, in kindness.”

|   Mary Oliver  |


Accepting Mental Illness

There is something up. I know but I can’t classify it but I know and I have to do something about what I’m feeling. The first time I recall myself in an isolated space was when I first came to this country. 885 more words


Smoke Out Your Hook-Up's

OK, why does it seem like we all have that one crazy ass uncle? You know, the one at the cook out who always smelled like Cigarettes and played cards at the old-head’s table? 662 more words