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My Second Trimester Experience

Now that my second trimester is over, I thought I would share some of the difficulties I faced during what felt like the shortest 14 weeks EVER. 574 more words


Message from the Universe: When pretending is NOT always THAT bad!

“If you just physically pretend on a regular basis, no matter how silly it may seem, that “it” is yours, that your life has already taken off, and that you’ve found true happiness, a tipping point will be reached, stars will be realigned, and new acquaintances will start insisting, “I don’t know why, but you look really familiar…” 308 more words

Message From The Universe

A lovely Tuesday in October

What a lovely day.

Now, I can’t say I had a stress free day.

Who does?

For example:  5am:

Oh Wow!

No, Half Pint, not yet! 325 more words


Guest Blog Post: "Behind Vasa and Ypres's Journey through the Absurd," in J. B. Chisholm's exact words

Dear Happiness Between Tails readers, I hope you enjoy the following by a fellow novelist/blogger…

“I was exiting from the lavatory, which was not a mean feat, especially for a woman of my, shall we say, voluptuous build, when I was struck, rather uncharacteristically, by an idea.”

292 more words

Today's Tip: How is your relationship... really?

So I was chatting with a woman this weekend, and, being a Rules dating coach, couldn’t help but ask how she and her boyfriend got together. 295 more words

Dating Advice

19 Simple Signs You're Happier Than You Realize

1. You have at least one person in your life who you can always talk to when you’re having a tough time.

2. You’ve finally started to notice beautiful little things all around you that you never used to pay attention to – veins on the leaves, raindrops on the windows, which corner of your window the sun peaks into in the morning. 258 more words


Some people graduate high school and immediately head off to college. They know what they want and they are excited for their future. The idea of dropping out or taking a break does not even occur to them. 499 more words

First Post