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There's No Ready For This

Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare yourselves, no, no.

Brace yourselves.

Hold close your loved ones.

Get right with your Maker.

Ladies and Gentlemen, its digital. It’s networkical. 27 more words


Half Life Three Actually Confirmed!

Yes you’ve heard it here first, Half-Life 3 has actually been confirmed by Valve! The long awaited and much anticipated number 1 most overused joke on the internet will soon be coming to a Steam store page near you! 64 more words


Kids Agree: Books are no longer cool

                 ~ Posted by David W.

To many it came as a shock. Just as conventional wisdom chorused that in our increasingly plugged-in society print books were destined to get left behind, a series of studies and articles from such sources as… 447 more words


It's The Fool's Day To Play

Hello to all who hail April 1st as their day to prank away. First and foremost, Happy April Fool’s Day! Some people wait a whole year to expose their genius talents in the way of pranks and gags. 573 more words


Successful Brands That Celebrated April Fools Day- Like a Boss

Popular since the 19th century, April Fool Day is celebrated in several countries such as India, Canada, US, Brazil, and Australia. The day is celebrated in the memory of Saint Joseph Vial, praising his joyful smile even in his last minutes. 296 more words


What will your April Fools mystery font be?

Happy April Fools Day! All copies of The Type Taster: How Fonts Influence You 282 more words