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They say,

That on your birthday,

You are a celebrity for a day!

But why not feel special always,

And not wait until your hair turns grey? 78 more words


Happy Birthday: Larry Hankin

Larry Hankin

Born: August 31, 1940 in New York City, New York, USA

In the season 4 Seinfeld episode, “The Pilot,” he portrayed an actor playing a character based on Cosmo Kramer. 95 more words

Happy Birthday: Sara Ramirez

Sara Ramirez

Born: August 31, 1975 in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico

Made her first video game voice acting debut as Lammy, the main protagonist of the PlayStation game “Um Jammer Lammy” from late 1998 to early 1999, and then in the summer of 1999 again due to U.S. 29 more words

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday: James Coburn (1928–2002)

James Coburn (1928–2002)

Born: August 31, 1928 in Laurel, Nebraska, USA
Died: November 18, 2002 (age 74) in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, USA

Sam is, I think, a great filmmaker. 116 more words

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday: Debbie Gibson

Debbie Gibson

Born: August 31, 1970 in Brooklyn, New York, USA

Deborah Gibson is a creative force in the entertainment industry who does it all! She has single handedly transcended music and entertainment trends and fads. 47 more words

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday: Chris Tucker

Chris Tucker

Born: August 31, 1972 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

I think real life reflects your movies. In your life, you pick stuff that influences what movie roles you wanna pick. 39 more words

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday: Richard Gere

Richard Gere

Born: August 31, 1949 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Pretty Woman (1990) is something I never would have done. Neither is An Officer and a Gentleman (1982). 262 more words