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Bear-Paw: A Living Legend.


So this post was started ages ago, and sat in my “Drafts” folder for ages. But tomorrow is HIS BIRTHDAY!! And I probably won’t have time to post it tomorrow, so I’m posting it a day early. 2,163 more words


A Little Birthday Help?

Hey all!!!

In four days, the love of my life will be celebrating his birthday!

I’m asking all of my followers to comment on this post with a quick “Happy Birthday” message to Saint. 53 more words


Have you heard of Her View From Home?

Have you heard of Her View From Home?

It’s a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question.

If you’ve heard of it, then you know that it is a small slice of goodness in Internetland. 331 more words


15 Days To Go .. :D

Dee-Kay NTeddy is feeling impatient with Dee-Kay Thee Legacy Nthedi at Debult.

My Birthday Is Coming up
I’m Nervous,
I Feel Tense While writing this… 84 more words


27 Things At 27! Blogmas Day 10!

Happy Blogmas Day 10! Also Happy 27th Birthday to me!!

Can’t believe I am another year older, only felt like I turned 26 yesterday!! As this day has been approaching I have been thinking about the fact I am getting close to 30. 194 more words


29 Years Old

I’m turning 29 years old.

Sudah cukup tua karena stahunn lagi saya akan berusia 30 tahun alias kepala tiga haha. Tepatnya 5 Desember yang lalu saya berulang tahun untuk yang ke 29. 174 more words

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