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Thank God for Happy Children

Thank God for happy children,

for pictures like these

May their lives be happy and sunny for as long as possible

before real life sets in.


Childhood Memories

I never fully understood how a childhood memory could be so inaccurate until having children of my own.

My oldest is 18 and about to move out. 681 more words

A Gloomy Afternoon and A Walk Through Memory Lane

It’s been a long while since my last post so let me welcome myself back with a few things in mind. I haven’t done any major climbs or runs this year, just a few minor day hikes¬†organized under LiVeOutDoors and some midnight runs. 506 more words

Personal Musings

12 Little Ways You're Getting It Right as a Parent

We parents can be harsh on ourselves sometimes, and so often we have a tendency to focus on where we’re going wrong. This can be useful if we think of constructive ways to improve and do better for our children, but more often than not, it pulls us into a guilt trip that makes us forget the great parent we are the majority of the time, and how much effort we put into getting it right for our children. 595 more words


The first step in the right direction

I would like to start my very first blog with the following message from a school principal at our kids primary school orientation last Saturday. 523 more words

The Truth About My Being A Writer

If I had a happy childhood, I wouldn’t be a writer.

All About Writing

Holiday photos

Hugh Paxton’s Blog has just been on holiday and what would a holiday be like if you can’t send photos to everybody who didn’t have a holiday or who had spent their holiday in a Red Sea hospital vomiting and wishing they had opted for Brighton or Gravesend? 301 more words