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Peas, Prosciutto and Parmesan

This month we are celebrating 2016 for the Recipe Redux! I scoured all of my favorite cookbooks to find a recipe I wanted to share with you all that was on page 216. 242 more words


Fruity cake times

Today I have just baked a fruit cake for my dad as its his birthday. Neither of my family like the traditional sponge cake with jam filling and covered in icing, with my mum having her chocolate Victoria sponge cake yesterday and my dad choosing to have a fruit cake today! 897 more words

Velouté de potiron

L’automne vint, les feuilles tombèrent. Elles tombaient jour et nuit en tournoyant, rondes et légères, le long des grands arbres; et on commençaient à voir le ciel à travers les branches.

278 more words
Happy Cooking

#HappyCooking Martabak Telor

“Martabak adalah salah satu godaan dunia” -Anonim. Bisa dibenarkan sekali ya quotes itu. Soalnya martabak emang enaaaak hahaha. Berhubung kalo beli di abang – abang dagingnya biasanya dikit jadi mari kita buat sendiri saja martabak asinnya :D… 192 more words

#HappyCooking Tumis Jamur Kuping Campur Campur

Ada yang ga tau jamur kuping? Jamur ini warnanya coklat kehitaman, bentuknya mekar lebar gitu, kalo dimasak teksturnya kenyal tapi masih kriuk kriuk enak banget :3, oia manfaatnya buat kesehatan juga banyak banget loh, salah satunya baik untuk jantung. 206 more words

Beef stew

Home-made Beef stew  on a cold rainy day.


1.Beef for stew(the one with the fat not the  lean meat)

2.Carrot,Celery and potatoes

3 Instant seasoning for beef stew( I used McCormick  brand) 120 more words

Happy Cooking