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Why I Found Love in the Distance

It’s Summer who is writting. I am writting this as an open letter for my boyfriend and let people know why I feel he means the world for me. 728 more words

Happy Couple

Introducing The Happy Couple in Distance

Hi! Are you one of us that stuck in long distance relationship? Well, whoever you are, we hope you enjoy our blog :)

This is our first blog activity after consider to make it just for fun random journal between us. 162 more words

Happy Couple


Paolo and Snow took a break from home an early morning to attend Geekcon! Paolo spent his time playing games they can’t afford but didn’t enter the tournament. 49 more words

Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge


The little baby Andy has grown up to a toddler! She’s an independent girl who is quickly learning her skills. She points at animals a lot but Paolo and Snow has to tell her no because they can’t afford a pet. 72 more words

Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge

Good Friends

Snow spent her day with a close friend of hers from work telling him the good news! He’s estatic and hopes there will be a wedding even though Snow and her boyfriend doesn’t have so much income. 52 more words

Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge


Paolo took Snow out for a night of dancing; not even a date, but something very special happened! Snow is so happy and can’t believe this. 16 more words

Disney Princess 10 Gen Challenge

6th Year Anniversary 💗

Today, December 22, 2016 is marked as our 6th year anniversary with my boyfriend Jestoni. Just when I thought that today is just going to be another ordinary day- celebrating special occasions apart just like last year, but this time it was different as he made it extra special for me. 686 more words