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** long distance - OVER **

Can you imagine that I’ve been in Helsinki already for 6 days?? I can’t and can. At the moment it still feels like I’m on a vacation here and I’m just waiting for the Finnair email, that’s gonna inform me about my flight back – but it isn’t coming. 702 more words


About a friend.

In our part of the world, arranged marriage is not an uncommon occurrence. I have always been skeptical about this concept but last weekend, I was in the company of two people who had been bound in marriage in the same way. 238 more words


A Beautiful Wedding

January 3rd was the day…our beautiful niece Elise married the man she loved.  You know from another post that we call him Sam, Skeeter, Slinky, Spunky…basically any “S” name Bryan can think of at the moment…cause he is bad with names…but we like him or we wouldn’t call him anything at all…lol. 453 more words

LAF Post

Terminally ill bride from Saskatoon passes away

SASKATOON – A Saskatchewan woman who made headlines this past summer and touched the hearts of people across the country passed away Monday at the age of 28. 118 more words


4 Things Couples Need To Know To Be Healthy And Happy

Did you know that the rate of infidelity in American marriages has not increased in 20 years, even though attitudes toward adultery have loosened in the past 40 ( 539 more words


Let’s try and be realistic here. We are born with a multitude of genes and often there are errors or changes in our DNA. Sexual preference is what it is, and we as a society need to understand and accept this. 25 more words