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Read This When All You Want Is A Relationship, But You Just Can't Seem To Make It Happen

How many of you are so committed to the fantasies and insanities of relationships that no matter how much it’s NOT working for you, you keep trying? 557 more words

Does He Hiding Something? 5 Things Your Man Will Never Share With You

Generally, guys are happy go lucky kind and they just want to live a stable and hassle-free life. They put their all efforts to make their… 444 more words


Am I in the right relationship?

“Do not find your soulmate, find your soul mate”   

Don’t we keep wondering whether we are dating the right person? Generally, this thought does not cross our mind when we are happy in our relationship. 605 more words

Happy Couples

Things to do early days in marriage life

పెళ్త్లెన కొత్తలో ఇవెంతో ముఖ్యం..!

పెళ్లి.. ప్రతి ఒక్కరి జీవితంలో ఇదో మర్చిపోలేని ఘట్టం. ప్రస్తుతం కొనసాగుతోన్న పెళ్లిళ్ల సీజన్లో వేదమంత్రాలు, మంగళవాయిద్యాల…continue

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Sex After Marriage

What’s going on everybody? D2 here and I know i’ve been missing for a while on my blogs and there is no excuse for that other than I only write when I’m not looking for something to write about. 1,397 more words

Life Lesson

Why to be a lover and not accuser?

Are you in a relationship with someone who accuses you of cheating or flirting? And when you deny this, your partner gets angry and go mad on you and sometimes doesn’t talk… May be you are together since 4 years and your partner has never caught you cheating or expressing your feelings to someone else. 662 more words

Love And Relationships

5 Extremely important details that men love about women!

Most of the men love to see a good looking woman, but they still prefer a person who is confident, knows what she wants out of her life and trusts her instincts first. 229 more words