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One of the most romantic Marriage Proposal ever!

Hi lovelies,

I love weddings, engagement proposals and happy couples. Recently I stumbled on a marriage proposal that brought tears to my eyes. I just had to share it. 163 more words


"Do You Like Chocolate?"

*I thought I’d go ahead and share with you a story about how love found me.

In difficult and challenging situations, not once has the love of my life… 1,166 more words


I Wanna Hold Your Hand....

Happy couples do things in their relationship in ways that are unique from unhappy couples. Of course, the question that immediately comes to mind is, do they do these things because they are happy or are they happier because they do these things? 561 more words


Top 10 // Questions to Ask Before Saying "I Do"

Wedding season is here! Amidst all the planning and excitement, it’s important for couples to be sure they know each other well.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue… 194 more words

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The ABC of a Long and Lasting Love: 26 Ingredients to Maintaining a Healthy Relationship

Any of us who have been in a relationship or two can say that relationships aren’t easy. Maintaining a healthy and happy one isn’t going to be any easier. 1,388 more words


Together Forever: 10 Secrets of Happy Couples in Lasting Relationships

We all have come across couples who even after so many years together, are obviously so head-over-heels in love with one another. They seem to have it all figured out. 770 more words

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9 Things About Yourself You Need To Openly Admit To Your Partner To Have A Happy Relationship

When you’re getting serious with someone, there are certain things you need to know about them—partially to assess compatibility, and partially because communication, openness and trust are foundations of a healthy relationship. 743 more words