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Friday Happy Dance - Fefe Dobson

Hi Guys,

It’s been raining all day here in Tampa and we are in need of a Happy Dance so I give you Miss Fefe Dobson “Stuttering” 22 more words


Feeling Blessed

Feeling Blessed

There are those among us who are making a difference in the lives of young people. I am truly thankful for those who do, and feel blessed when I hear about them. 502 more words


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Card share #11 Your Next Stamp Challenge

I received some ‘Happy Mail’ in the post last week from Your Next Stamp just in time to use some of it for the new YNS card sketch challenge #18. 122 more words


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Friday Happy Dance - Jack White

I really can’t tell you how Friday is here already, but here it is. Today’s feature is I’m Shakin’ by Jack White.  I tell you this dude is uber talented and this is my favorite song from him. Enjoy!


paths found, with aid of wingman

Just in time for the Flying-in-Draenor patch to hit the PTR, I’ve completed the requisite achievement*. I attained revered status with the Order of the Awakened this evening, and I became revered with Vol’jin’s Headhunters and the Saberstalkers last night. 851 more words