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I am technically an author

In fact, if you search the word “Innocent” in the Barnes & Noble search bar, my title comes up! Not first, or anything, but still… it seems I chose my title well. 97 more words


Friday Happy Dance - Dessy Di Lauro

Today’s Happy Dance is from artist Dessy Di Lauro called “Let Me Hear You Say Hep, Hep” Check her out.

African American

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Happy Dance: Get Beyonce's Look In Her Instagram "Cha-Cha" Video

Yesterday, Queen Bey shared with her 33.5 million followers on Instagram a video of her dancing to her “happy” song, D.R.A.M’s “Cha Cha.” Beyonce shook a little something in a plaid skirt and red Lone Star Beer Tee. 19 more words


I know I come across as super fancy, I'm not!

Got an email telling me that Season 10 of Always Sunny was on UK Netflix. Not gonna lie, I did a little whoop! #thisiswhyimsingle


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