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i’m not one for overly sappy movies. yes, i love a happy ending, but not necessarily the all-tie-up-with-a-bow, pretty-package endings- drivel and fluff with unrealistic expectations. 241 more words


Ella's Emergency Room Fund - Urgent!

Please donate: www.classy.org/EllaERFund

Our sweet, 1-year-old Ella, who we just sprung from an open-admission shelter on 1/26/16, had to be rushed to a Chicago emergency room… 218 more words

Happy Endings

For Better or Worse

A lot of people say the best day of their marriage is the day they get married. I can see why so many people say that. 839 more words

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Delicious Plum Cake - Happy Endings

For our Company’s Kids Day celebrations, we had placed a special order of Plum Cake at Happy Endings, Bellandur. The order was placed a day prior to celebrations, and on the day of celebration, it was supposed to arrive at 4 PM. 167 more words

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Rewriting The Ending

“ Maybe, when the cycles of death claim people ages after as they must but we are yet unclaimed- Maybe the walls that exist now, these people, do not exist then- Maybe. 32 more words


The Love of Si and Cri

There once were clouds named Si and Cri.
Divine they were but wished to walk
the land as lovers hand in hand.
No matter how Si and Cri fantasized, 253 more words

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NO!? Why did you cancel it?

I love to see tv shows from all different genres like comedy, drama, action, science-fiction… But what I hate is when I get super involved with the story and the characters and then out of nowhere the show is cancelled! 619 more words