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Rescuing VS Buying (Leia's story)

Rescuing VS Buying (Leia’s story)

This is Leia she’s a 6 month old English Mastiff puppy

When she came to me she was a shocking 49 Lbs (supposed to be 80) She was extremely shy, nervous, scared and super on edge. 562 more words


Seraph Sanctuary

No One’s Angel by Keely Walker

This is the first book in the “Chadwell Hearts” Series

Due to themes in this book, this is more suited to those 18yrs and older. 166 more words


Unforseen Encounter

Accidental Seal by Sharon Hamilton

This is the first book in the “Seal Brotherhood” Series

Deciding to make a mark in her new career, her first job leads to an unexpected surprise, one naked man!!

134 more words

Flash Fiction: Fall So Hard

The boy cannot explain it. She entered into the room and even after 1,000 years of knowing her, he would have reacted the same: his heart reached its hand out toward his brain where his brain was moved. 495 more words


Happy Ever After?

Do happy endings only work in very lightweight fiction?

Yes, if happy means happy ever after with a firm full stop and an opaque curtain over the future. 283 more words

My First...

Feeling so safe and warm

Perfect smile and charm

Dark hair and blue eyes

So farmiliar

An old soul once known

Capricorns going along

On moonlit nights… 79 more words