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Every Bitter Thing

Rereading an old post tonight and feeling long overdue for writing the happy ending to what began as a not so happy story.  A note to self, a letter of gratitude to God, a reminder that not everything goes sideways, a stone on the alter. 2,651 more words

Beatriz at Dinner: In Need of a Better Ending! (Health Theme)

Hi All. So I watched Beatriz at Dinner this week, expecting an excellent story with John Lithgow and Salma Hayak in the top roles. At first I was delighted and of course, the acting was superb by these two distinguished Thespians. 532 more words

Daily Blog

The Dreamer never dies

I wonder how many of us do keep the dream alive instead of giving in and thinking it too late to want more. I am not sure I can ever stop dreaming and reaching for whatever is out there no matter what I tell myself. 132 more words

Amorina Rose’s Blog

Happy Endings

Even if endings seem unfinished
There are farewells we must say
Surely you’ll see
There will come a day

However long it may take
Where happy endings will happen… 91 more words

Kool Things VI

It has been a minute since I’ve done one of these. But one of my major resolutions for 2018 was to get back out there and… 640 more words


Happy Endings

He had to admit, that the pressed shirt looked good on him. Better than the black and white stripes. The guard of his bay delivered them to him personally. 772 more words


Top 5 Fairy Tales of 2017

It’s the time of year to list your top reads of the year! And since I always have a tough time sorting such lists, I’ve given myself a theme of the top fairy tales/myth based books. 356 more words

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