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Happy Endings: Demi (aka Popcorn)

     That is the look right there on that cat’s face. The look of happiness, contentment, security, satiation, safety. The look that comes from a cat that knows it has found its forever home and their forever parent or parents.  133 more words


The Bliss Of Love

Have you ever loved someone so fiercely that you fail to love someone else as much?
Have you ever lost so much of your soul loving someone else, that you forget who you are? 448 more words

Thoughts From Chicago Pt. 1

I’m obsessed with stories that have sad endings. They are heartbreakingly real. We are fed a lot of stories that have their fair share of problems and sadness, but always miraculously end happy. 334 more words

Anime Spotlight #4

It’s flip-flap time!

I’ve no idea why the two main girls have to say “Flip-flapping” whenever they want to become “magical girls,” besides the obvious point that it justifies using “Flip Flappers” as the show’s title.   115 more words


Plaster Caster - A Stroke by Number Pottery Studio.

Good morning! I didn’t get breakfast in bed, but my mind is in the gutter, serving up dirty thoughts.

I’m rooting through my art supplies this morning, and came across my first vase that I made in a country art studio, years ago. 253 more words


What The T-20 Finals Taught Us? (2016)

Blogger’s Note: Hello readers! This post was originally written on 3rd April, 2016, when the T-20 finals took place between West Indies and England. I am re-posting it here. 514 more words

Literature & Leisure

Live To Love, Love To Live

This is not a ‘How-To-Guide’ on these two things. This is a simple answer to a bewildering question: ‘Why do we end up falling for the wrong person?’  492 more words

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