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The Little Things The Get Me Through The Day

Last summer my hubby was diagnosed with a medical issue (of the back) most men don’t ever get or when they do they are in there 60s. 765 more words

Essential Oils

He only went and passed! 

Hi everyone. If you have read my previous posts it speaks about a dream board. Our dream board is a huge chalkboard painted wall with all our goals for the future written on it. 262 more words

Τουρκία: Οδηγίες σε άνδρες για να δέρνουν τις γυναίκες τους!

Η δημοτική αρχή στην Κιουτάχεια της Τουρκίας, δωρίζει έναν έντυπο συμβουλευτικό οδηγό γάμου ο οποίος αναφέρει ότι «οι άνδρες επιτρέπεται να δέρνουν τις “ανυπάκουες συζύγους” τους σύμφωνα με τους θρησκευτικούς κανόνες της Σαρία». 


Breakfast Routine

So far breakfast is the easiest meal on our Whole30 because I’m making the majority 3 meals at a time (6 portions total). The base is always baked sweet potatoes mashed up and then I’m varying what I’m putting in. 118 more words

January Update

3 days into the new year and so far, so good.

On 1/1 we started our 2nd Whole30 (my husband and I). It’s not fun but unfortunately it’s necessary. 380 more words

Morning Thoughts

As I sit here sipping on my coffee, snuggled up with the kitty cat, I can’t help but feel an overwhelming feeling of happiness. I’ve been reflecting on this year for a few days now and I can’t believe how life has come full circle. 150 more words


Sugar... How I Love Thee

It’s the holidays and that’s meant a lot of sugar in our house. My husband has chronic IBS as well as acid reflux and other GI issues and thinks that sugar makes them a lot worse. 161 more words