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I don’t say it as often as I should, but I appreciate & love my parents so much! These last couple months have been extremely challenging for us, and they have been there through everything and helped us out tremendously. 78 more words



Proud mommy! Happy mommy!

Its thursday, its the end of the week for school. And every thursday we have parent time to see what the kids have been upto the whole week! 101 more words



Learning each day! As my girls are growing up, theyre teaching me so much every single day! And one most important thing ive realised is that actually there is nothing like perfection! 141 more words


Just a random post

Thanks God,

I feel so happy for the imperfections and how I live such an imperfect life.

I am grateful that You bless me with an open heart to allow the bitterness of days.

Therefore, alhamdulillah..

Love Love Love

Family Culture | Food

Yoghurt is made the way it is because of bacteria (this is good bacteria). In order to make a new batch of yoghurt, you have to take a culture of an old batch and add it to the new batch. 329 more words



Its Family Friday Fun at Kempinski!

For all the families living here, they have all these fun activities happening on friday! What a lovely way to spend time with the kids and also, if you want some alone time, its a great way to keep the kids busy! 53 more words




This is HOME…for the next dunno how many months…like i said earlier everything is temporary… But yea i do love it so so much! Its lively, its full of energy, full of light, full of love, its a bit smaller than i wud’ve wanted but its sooo me! 275 more words