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1950's Business (Wo)man

I’m having a surreal, yet wonderful experience.

I’m part of the small, yet growing, group of women who’s partners have become stay-at-home Dad’s.  I feel like a 1950’s businessman; able to head off to work at a normal pace, coming home to a well-maintained home, and night-time meals….that are getting better by the day. 240 more words

Career Woman

Bijak Menggunakan Bonus Tahunan

Pada awal tahun, para karyawan biasanya mendapatkan pembagian bonus tahunan. Basis perhitungan bonus tahunan ini pada umumnya merupakan kombinasi antara performa perusahaan secara keseluruhan, performa departemen serta performa individu. 421 more words


The Birth of Hugh

It was a week after my due date. For over a week I had been waking up at 2:00 am thinking (and hoping) I was in labor, but without luck. 1,233 more words

Baby Boy

The Dinner by Herman Koch

Like most people I read all the words on the outside of a book before I read the words on the inside. My expectations, therefore, for The Dinner were high, as such marketing blurbs are meant to do, and my idea of the plot fairly set: two couples, the husbands are brothers, meet at a restaurant to decide what to do about a horrific crime committed by their sons, cousins, and now on YouTube for all the world to see. 553 more words

Book Review

Zech 10:5-7


(5) Because God is with them His people are mighty in battle—physical battle in Judah’s time, spiritual battle today—trampling their enemies in the mud and putting to shame those who ride on horses. 328 more words

Jeff Scoggins