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Unhealthy Eating

Sometimes I have so many words tumbling around inside of my head, it is difficult to know which direction to go in when I sit down to write… 1,041 more words

Skinny Pad Thai Sauce

Well this sauce will blow your mind!

I got this recipe from Happy Herbivore (whom as you know I love)

2 tbsp water

2 tbsp soy sauce… 39 more words



Ask someone who knows me very well & they will tell you that I have absolutely no patience. I can have patience for certain situations, but I usually want answers now, need to figure things out today, and want to know the end results by tomorrow. 835 more words

Curry Puffs with Lentil Curry Soup

Well I have never been a fan of precise measuring and that is generally the secret to my fabulous cooking as I do everything by taste.   314 more words

Vegan Mum

What if Food was Medicine? Part 2

I just can’t get the last topic off my mind today & figure I should at least have a Part 2 with the topic. I guess in reality, I should have just kept typing and adding to the last one… Oh well. 1,085 more words

What if Food was Medicine?

So, I have had a question lingering in my mind the past few days…  What if doctors utilized Food as Medicine?  Would it make you happy – or angry? 1,279 more words


It has taken me years and years to realize that, to some little extent, I am a tiny bit of a control freak. Who knew? 1,229 more words