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Curry Puffs with Lentil Curry Soup

Well I have never been a fan of precise measuring and that is generally the secret to my fabulous cooking as I do everything by taste.   314 more words


What if Food was Medicine? Part 2

I just can’t get the last topic off my mind today & figure I should at least have a Part 2 with the topic. I guess in reality, I should have just kept typing and adding to the last one… Oh well. 1,085 more words

What if Food was Medicine?

So, I have had a question lingering in my mind the past few days…  What if doctors utilized Food as Medicine?  Would it make you happy – or angry? 1,279 more words


It has taken me years and years to realize that, to some little extent, I am a tiny bit of a control freak. Who knew? 1,229 more words

What's wrong with starch?

Sorry for the delay in writing this past week. I was crazy busy with getting 2 kiddos ready for their first Homeschool Prom (Yikes!), as well as dealing with the crazy emotions that came after my hubby turned in his retirement letter to the US Coast Guard. 859 more words

Gluten free or not?

Some say that being gluten free is a trend. Some say it isn’t. Based upon some books in the mainstream, it appears that everyone needs to become gluten free. 686 more words

How big is your jar?

So this evening I have a question for you… How bad do you have to feel to change what you are eating? I actually asked a similar question to this about a year or so ago on my regular FB page. 433 more words