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Day 2 - Easing In

As with any lifestyle change – and I mean a change, and not just a fad – it takes some time to rewire the brain. Thankfully I’ve gone plant-based before, so I have the ability to retreat to things I know: ordering soy in my latte, looking for things marked “vegan” (thank you vegan chocolate chip scone at Whole Foods tonight that made my life). 187 more words

My 36 Project

 I thought about it for a while, and even though I didn’t complete 100% of my 35 Things to do Before 35; I still really enjoyed the process and am going to do it again. 221 more words

Annual Goals

Vlogmas Day 4

I share the dream I had last night about my dog’s video going viral plus what I ate as a high carb low fat gluten free vegan :)

High Carb Low Fat Vegan

Thankful and Happy

So for the first time in my life, I cooked a full Thanksgiving meal! When I first thought about doing it, it seemed like one of those Oprah A-ha! 238 more words


Day 12 and you have got to be kidding me.  Favorite cookbook?  Honestly???  How could I pick just one!?!

Seriously, I have a cookbook problem.  I want to buy ALL OF THE COOKBOOKS.  275 more words

Adventures In Cooking

My Life on the Meal Plans

Day 3 of Vegan Month of Food and we have a wide open prompt today:  Quick, easy, and delicious.  My first thought was to finally write about the 7 Day Meal Plans that I’ve been on since January 1st and how awesome they are! 958 more words

Adventures In Cooking

What you got 23?!

So yesterday was my birthday and usually I don’t care about it at all. I will celebrate everyone else’s birthday waaay more than my own, I always have, I think I just don’t like the fuss. 260 more words

Dinosaurs Do Exist