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It has taken me years and years to realize that, to some little extent, I am a tiny bit of a control freak. Who knew? 1,229 more words

What's wrong with starch?

Sorry for the delay in writing this past week. I was crazy busy with getting 2 kiddos ready for their first Homeschool Prom (Yikes!), as well as dealing with the crazy emotions that came after my hubby turned in his retirement letter to the US Coast Guard. 859 more words

Gluten free or not?

Some say that being gluten free is a trend. Some say it isn’t. Based upon some books in the mainstream, it appears that everyone needs to become gluten free. 686 more words

How big is your jar?

So this evening I have a question for you… How bad do you have to feel to change what you are eating? I actually asked a similar question to this about a year or so ago on my regular FB page. 433 more words

Sweet Treats and Happy Endings

So I usually buy clementines for snacking. You know the kind: they come in a blue box with a smiling clementine on the side, and you have to buy a gazillion at a time, because they’re not sold individually. 209 more words

Day 2 - Easing In

As with any lifestyle change – and I mean a change, and not just a fad – it takes some time to rewire the brain. Thankfully I’ve gone plant-based before, so I have the ability to retreat to things I know: ordering soy in my latte, looking for things marked “vegan” (thank you vegan chocolate chip scone at Whole Foods tonight that made my life). 187 more words

My 36 Project

 I thought about it for a while, and even though I didn’t complete 100% of my 35 Things to do Before 35; I still really enjoyed the process and am going to do it again. 221 more words

Annual Goals