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What I'm working on

There have been a lot of rumors floating around about my projects and I want to let you know what is true and what isn’t. I have had a bit of a wonky summer and am finally getting back into my rhythm. 137 more words

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Weekly Photo Challenge ... A good day

What a difficult prompt.  On a good day I can look back and reflect on many fine examples to entertain you. Then, if the mood is different then my recollections are tainted and less attractive.   292 more words


Happy Holidays!

This Holiday Season, let us set aside our differences and make joy of our pleasant blessings that make us what we are now and where we are now. 122 more words

Iam Group Limited


My sorries to everyone: no meaty update this month. I went abroad for a friend’s wedding; then I went away for my own summer holiday; and now I’m going abroad for another friend’s wedding(!) Quite literally three weeks abroad in a six week period: the most I’ve ever wayfared. 76 more words


Does your firm own your arse?

It’s holiday time again and stories abound of friends flying around with agendas of lands to be visited, food to be eaten and locals to be gawked at. 194 more words

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