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“Happy Holidays guys!”

Gak nyangka bro, setahun kelar juga, I finally survived for one full year, can’t believe I did it. I thought I would not survive one year in this place, but then I guess I did survive for once, don’t worry mom and dad im not gonna change places anymore. 428 more words


Happy Midsummer!

It is officially Midsummer and we’d like to wish everyone of you a happy holiday, and a great summer! May it be filled with epic reads, lazy days in the sun, with the people you love! 9 more words

~I've Got Nothing

Originally posted 23 Nov 2017

Wow, I’ve really let bitmoji take over my blog a bit here lately. Sorry about that one guys, unfortunately I don’t have a relatable picture for… 134 more words


Why not a story for Motivation Monday?

This made me smile and it’s from Dan Miller‘s newsletter.

I hope you remember that after you’ve done all you can, you just have to trust that your higher power fees further. Have a successful week 😊

Fright Night @ the Englands 2016

Ok, so I totally didn’t get around to posting about this back in 2016!!  But finally, here is a breakdown of our first Halloween party in our new house, and for the first time, we had plenty of space to buy extra pumpkins! 206 more words


Term 1 Done!

14 weeks flew right by and it’s holiday time again!

Thank you all the 501 families for all the studying and fun over term 1! 43 more words

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