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Happy Mother's Day!

When I was a little girl, my grandmother used to bake cookies and make candy for special occasions. I loved helping her and getting to spend that time with her, but just like every little kid, my favorite part was getting to scrap the bowl when we were done. 284 more words

Happy Home

What I've Learned About Painting

Last weekend, I painted my teeny tiny hallway.  It probably only took an hour and a half, and in that hour and a half, this is what I learned: 194 more words


Gardening is Upon Us!

I came across this awesome post about the rise in gardening. While we’re technically Gen X-ers, not a Millennials, a lot of this applies equally well to Teddy and I. 115 more words

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Inspiring Monday- Happy home.

Only when you are happy at home, you can be happy everywhere else. Home should be you safe place, when you can relax and forget about any problems. 50 more words

Inspiring Monday

Organization Series

The advent of spring (and spring cleaning) has put me in the mood to organize. So, these next few posts will focus on organizing the home. 65 more words


God is Good!

There have been a lot of changes in my life over the past 4 years. With the move from California to Illinois, to my little boy starting college and my baby girl starting high school, my husband getting out of the Navy and starting a new career, and to me, settling in to my new career as a Domestic Engineer, all this while life’s “up’s and “down’s”  keep us on our toes.   310 more words

Learning...my Continuous Journey

Putting your Life into the Right Perspective

Over the past weeks, I have learned some valuable lessons which arise out of some tragic situations. The most recent lesson that I learned is that we need to set our lives in the right perspective. 665 more words