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Christmas Decor in the Humble Chi Abode

SANTA’S COMING SANTA’S COMING SANTA’S COMING! The holiday decorations are up, the whole apartment smells like fresh pine, cinnamon and berries and Cody and I are some super holly jolly snowmen. 178 more words

Happy Home Restaurant, Boracay 

If you’re picky or “maarte” with food, then this place isn’t for you. If you enjoy gastronomical adventures and prefer hole-in-the-wall places, then this place is definitely for you! 233 more words


Dangerous Beauty

In the soft, supple petals of rose

one can get lost in love

Velvet to the touch…

A fragrance that can intoxicate

almost good enough to eat… 72 more words


How having a Single Parent made me who I am.

While growing up, my home life always seemed to be confusing for others around me. Well, it was always more confusing for me! My parents were seperated since before I started walking. 1,256 more words


A Less Stressed Home...

One thing I’ve come to realise is that my (still relatively) new cleaning routines/habits have made me enjoy my home much, much more. The changes I made starting September have really made a huge impact on my life. 653 more words


Why a clean home?

Why we need a clean home?

It’s a very good question!  believe it or not, as Asian we believe “Feng Shui” effects our fortune. From psychology studies, a clean home brings you a happy mind. 181 more words

A Latte Kindness 

Recently, I pulled my car up to the curb right outside the door to a Starbucks that a good friend managed. I was grabbing a hot, well-deserved latte. 1,072 more words

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