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6 Ways to Always be Ready for Guests

Recently at my ladies meeting at church, we talked about talents vs spiritual gifts. To give you the short version, a talent is something you are very good at like music or art, that with practice you have grown better at. 758 more words

💛 Welcome to my colourful home💛

And welcome to my living room! It’s a sunny room, with 2 windows on different walls, which helps this to be the light, airy space that it is. 730 more words

A Happy Home

A Happy Home

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:13

A family sat togethr in a restaurant, celebrating a birthday. 103 more words


How to have a Happy Life with your partner.

I have a friend who is currently finding her marriage to be stagnant and is in need of a face lift. I wrote the following as a challenge for her and her husband. 588 more words

2017 Ramblings

How to answer the dreaded question: What's for dinner?

What do you want for dinner?

This is probably my least favorite question in the world (and I’m a teacher, so it is outranking a LOT of questions from surly teenagers). 750 more words

Happy Home

The KonMari Method of Decluttering

In June 2016, I came across the audiobook “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Japanese organiser, Marie Kondo.

The subject of the book is the KonMari Method, a revolutionary method of decluttering your home and life, which centres on the idea that everything you own should have a purpose and make you happy. 4,571 more words

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