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۷ توصیه دکوراتورها برای شاد کردن فضای خانه

کوسن‌های رنگارنگی بخرید یا بدوزید و اطراف آنها را با گل و روبان و تور تزیین کنید. این کوسن مخصوص زمانی است که شما و بقیه تلویزیون نگاه می‌کنید یا برای نوشیدن چای دور هم جمع می‌شوید.

Jamileh Kharrazi

Road to Heaven is my R phrase ... #atozchallenge

R relates to April 21, 2017

I happened to bump into the #AtoZChallenge looking for god-knows-what in the web.  It sounds very interesting, and although I’m really late in the game, I thought I would try my hand at this challenge! 345 more words


Single Parents' Kids

Not all divorcee’s children are problematic!!!

People go on saying so,but I don't agree.As a teacher I keep hearing 
those kinds of things from my colleques,too. 376 more words

Easter Feast

Buffet of munchies

Comfy chairs, lots of laughter

Friends gathered today

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First blog post

Be Happy Designs

Specializing in happy design for small spaces. Your home should be your happy place. This blog will help you with happy ideas and inspiration.   8 more words

Lemon Coconut Cupcakes

I was at Whole Foods buying vanilla extract when this lemon extract caught my eye. Yum! Lemon cakes and cupcakes danced in my head. I woke up early the next morning to bake before work. 105 more words

Motivation (#sol17 30/31)

Well, it’s day six of Spring Break (I totally count the weekends) and you know what I’ve accomplished?

Very little.

Of course I was in Kentucky for the first three days.   175 more words

Happy Home