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Tips for Creating a Happy Home

As a somewhat active member over on Quora, I recently came across a question asking for design tips on creating a happy home. I thought it fitting to share my response here on the blog, so here are a few short and sweet tips for you to consider. 120 more words

Affordable Design

Weather Vane

The dolphin curved and bounded with great joy within the confines of its blue home – a generous playground.  It billowed like a ship through the maritime air with a prow that rode the winds with a smiling, salty grace.  169 more words

Peppermint Ant Repellent

I am a pretty live-and-let-live kind of individual. I try to not harm anything that I don’t feel that I have to and ants fall into that category for me. 134 more words

Essential Oils

Trying not to apologize

I volunteered to host a first-time meet-up of several ladies (and their kids) for a new book club. We “met” over a local Facebook group. We were interested in starting a book club, so we coordinated our first meeting – at my house. 382 more words


Clean Enough

I received this memo today via Facebook. Thank you for the reminder, Sharon. So often we find ourselves caught up in the if you just knew my life… 432 more words


Encouragement in the Mommy Wars

There are two sides to the mommy/stay at home mom war when it comes to the cleanliness of the home. Dads, you are in this too. 412 more words