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Understanding 16 Basic Factors For Building A Real, Strong Happy Home

Every home that grows, develops and progresses in success has a real secret, and what’s this secret? You want to know? The secret is just that It recognizes those basic vital factors that have great potential to make happy home happen by their existence in the home一and those factors are going to be discussed here explicitly one after the other…

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The Essence

Marriage is defined by the Catholic Church  as a “covenant by which a man and a woman establish between themselves a partnership of the… 428 more words

A Beautiful and Happy Home

What do you think makes a beautiful and happy home? How important is this?

Having a happy home is crucial to the spreading of our faith. 827 more words


To heat or not heat… that is the question… or F vs C

Specially selected recipes, table settings, how-to articles and cooking tips… all here for you!

I can safely say I am addicted to cook books.  And I love cooking shows such as the Great British Bake Off.  933 more words


Starting with me

Ok, Let us begin. I want this blog to be honest and real. I’m a straight talker. I don’t beat about the bush. I dont bs. 1,094 more words

6 Ways to Always be Ready for Guests

Recently at my ladies meeting at church, we talked about talents vs spiritual gifts. To give you the short version, a talent is something you are very good at like music or art, that with practice you have grown better at. 758 more words

💛 Welcome to my colourful home💛

And welcome to my living room! It’s a sunny room, with 2 windows on different walls, which helps this to be the light, airy space that it is. 730 more words