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A Less Stressed Home...

One thing I’ve come to realise is that my (still relatively) new cleaning routines/habits have made me enjoy my home much, much more. The changes I made starting September have really made a huge impact on my life. 653 more words


Why a clean home?

Why we need a clean home?

It’s a very good question!  believe it or not, as Asian we believe “Feng Shui” effects our fortune. From psychology studies, a clean home brings you a happy mind. 181 more words

A Latte Kindness 

Recently, I pulled my car up to the curb right outside the door to a Starbucks that a good friend managed. I was grabbing a hot, well-deserved latte. 1,072 more words

Happy Home

My favorite recipe

I just had to post about one of my favorite recipes! Oh look! I made it in my favorite frying pan also! And yes, it is a Pioneer Woman pan. 111 more words

Life is messy

Life is messy. This is what goes through my head as I notice the amount of colored, dried play dough on the floor as I’m sweeping the kitchen. 136 more words

So you think you have a plan, then...

your landlord decides to sell your flat, giving you 2 months notice to move out?

Aye, cheers for that! Thankfully Johnny, Kat, das kittens and I have secured a new place already :D… 18 more words


Your Clutter Shows How Unhappy You Are.

Back in college, I would buy new clothes almost every week.

You know college kids, spending their financial aid on everything but necessities.

I would go shopping because it made me feel good to have something new, I… 1,369 more words