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My Weekly Happy List: Week 11

1. Reading nursery rhymes to my boy. I’ve always read a bedtime story to my little boy and this week he chose his Nursery Rhyme book, which we’ve not read for ages. 386 more words


Happy List Friday

Wow this week sure went by fast! I feel like it just started so how the heck is it Friday already?! This is the last weekend home before a pretty hectic few months of travel so I’m pretty content with no plans. 81 more words

My Weekly Happy List: Week 10

1. Seeing my mummy friends for a catch up. It’s been great having some time off from work, not only because I get to be with my kids, but I’ve got to spend some time with my mummy friends, whom I miss dearly. 418 more words


Oh Happy Days...

Having just spent the last 10-days either with my gorgeous boy just us, or on the days when Mr H wasn’t working as our little family… 550 more words

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Happy List Friday

Congratulations you made it to the weekend! I’m particularly pumped because my sister is in town and we have lots of food to eat and places to explore around the city. 105 more words

Happy List

Where do You Go?

Where do you go when you need a little happiness? What do you do when you feel down and you need something to bring you up? 210 more words

Put on a Happy Face

Despite how much I HATE being fake and¬†practicing that dark art of denial, I have been in a pretty deep funk lately and it’s starting to take a toll on my relationships. 613 more words

Happy List