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A week of appreciation

This week has been lovely in so many ways. My mind has been completely distracted from baby making, which has secretly been lovely, and has just allowed me to smile and enjoy life. 216 more words

Things I'm Grateful for this Summer Solstice...

It’s the summer solstice and wow, summer most definitely is here! it’s hot hot hot in the uk!

I love the summer solstice, I think it’s  such a magical day. 379 more words


things that make me happy

Hey guys!

After having a deliciously healthy lunch I always feel motivated. However, this time Cassie’s post also played a huge role. Reading her happy post made me realise that writing this kind of lists can be pretty inspiring. 192 more words

Five things that made me happy this week # 4

I know, I have taken forever to write my list of happy things of the week but it’s been a tough couple of weeks. As you may or may have not read in… 404 more words

Happy List

Happy list #1

  1.  Amazing friends who are always got your back
  2. Yabu Menchi Katsu Set
  3. Pirates of Carribean – Salazar’s revenge
  4. Bacon chicken from Banapple
  5. Friends Season 2…
  6. 18 more words

100 Happy Things...

When you feel depressed the world can seem like a frightening place and it can be hard to remember the good and happy things in your life. 325 more words


The Happy List

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I’m having a bad day I’ll go to my journal and I’ll write, and sometimes I won’t really know exactly what to write — so I’ll end up putting together what I like to call “The Happy List”. 249 more words