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Barbara O’Reilly lists all the things that have made her crack a smile this week.

There are quite a few things that should have made me sad this week – a trip to the dentist, a broken something-something on my car, an expensive computer purchase that brought no joy at all and yet I’m still grinning. 157 more words


Happy Together 

I recently took a mini blogging break to get a few things in order, one of them being my blog itself. I took the time during my break to create a manageable blogging routine, which has given me a fanatic focus and helped me organise and plan my posts better. 862 more words


50 Things That Make Me Happy

So to get to know me better I’d thought I would do a 50 things that makes me happy tag! Since I’m new to the blogging game, I haven’t actually been tagged to do but I wanted to introduce myself to you! 1,154 more words

Girl Talk

Broken Home--In Which the Pig Wore Lipstick

Dear Lily June,

The expression “to put lipstick on a pig” is one meant to indicate that someone’s trying to trick or cheat you by taking one thing and dolling it up until it looks like another. 2,018 more words

Parenting And Motherhood

Create a happy list.

Just thinking about joyful things instantly make me happy!
~ Dr. Angi (aka: Angela Kowitz Orobko)

I am certain there are more than these things that instantly make me happy; but, here are the first 15 things that came to my mind as I was creating my list! 105 more words

Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Summer days

There are a few simple joys that are keeping me upbeat all summer:

Outdoor space that is very nicely taking shape. Can’t wait to entertain and get my grillin’ on! 35 more words


101 Ways to be Happy

Friends, my heart hurts. My heart is often heavy, but it’s positively crushed lately with all of the bad news that’s going on. What makes it even worse is how everyone treats the news – all of a sudden, everyone is an expert on what should be done to fix the problem, which leads to more anger and frustration when people don’t see eye to eye. 727 more words

Just For Fun