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The Happy List

I don’t know if anyone else does this, but when I’m having a bad day I’ll go to my journal and I’ll write, and sometimes I won’t really know exactly what to write — so I’ll end up putting together what I like to call “The Happy List”. 249 more words


A Happy List

  1. Spontaneous concerts at the Troubadour in Hollywood with my friend Rachel
  2. Afternoon sunbathing on the patio
  3. Plantain chips from Trader Joe’s
  4. Planning a trip to the East Coast with my parents…
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My Happy List

What makes me happy? Well, a lot of things. This is a list of what makes me happy when I’m feeling down.

1. Reading
There’s something so magical and relaxing about mentally jumping into another universe on paper. 1,544 more words

The Happy List

At this point in my life stress is at an all time high. From job responsibilities, social expectations and everything in between, there are way too many things to stress out about. 905 more words


The Happy List | Vol. 07

Happy weekend everyone! 😊

Here I am again with my happy list. I think the last time I wrote one was last January? But I was inspired to make one again after reading… 602 more words


The Friday Happy list - 5th May 2017

Ahoy! Tis Friday. For us nine to fivers, it’s time to really let loose, strike out and seize the means of production go on a jolly weekend bender. 487 more words

Living A Good Life

Five things that made me happy this week #3

My work contract finally ended and I have been filling my time with all the little things I hadn’t been able to do, wether it was due to low energy, no time, or Saturn’s retrograde (yes, I truly believe in all that astrology stuff and that we’re all connected to the cosmos). 377 more words

Happy List