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Keep Smiling...

So today is statistically the most depressing day of the year. I refuse to feel down because a statistic tells me to. I hope you all do too. 257 more words


When Tuesday is Monday...

My shrill alarm tone signalled what seemed like an abrupt end to my Christmas holiday today, so up I got and off I went to work, it’s back to the old routine, back to not leaving enough time for a proper dog walk, to making the same old boring pasta to take to work for lunch, to going back to check the front door was locked three times after leaving the house, but today wasn’t just back to the old routine, I was feeling weird about the first day back after holidays as I had to officially hand my notice in and that would make it real. 285 more words


Sad Panda

Life is beautiful, but it can also be sad. I am always looking for ways to cheer up, each and every single day. I look for reasons to get out of bed each day. 313 more words

Find Your Inner Happy...

We are all doing it aren’t we? Searching for happiness, like it’s some great secret of the universe, the ultimate mystery. I’m searching for it, my entire blog is written about the things that make me happy and the actual process of writing it makes me happy. 288 more words


Happy List (11.23.16)

Hi everyone!! Happy early Thanksgiving!! I figured what would be more perfect than to share with you all the things I’m thankful for? Please share your happy list in the comments below! 134 more words


In Stormy Weather....

Life has been a roller coaster recently. Not long ago a car accident changed our lives forever and we’ve been enduring a bumpy road ever since.We are not there yet, we still have a huge long way to go, but we’re closer then we were yesterday.  336 more words


10 good things before the week is out

This week…

  1. I travelled to Madrid with a friend.
  2. I saw Panic! At the Disco live.
  3. I vlogged successfully.
  4. I went to see Dr Strange with my family.
  5. 66 more words