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big mac(aron)

makes two dozen big macs

these would be good for a weirdly themed party. maybe some ironic hipster kickback where all the grub is fast food from scratch? 77 more words

Emojis, Exercise & Eating: Tips For Teaching Kids A Healthy Lifestyle

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It turns out a “Happy Meal” for the kids may be a pretty good option.

According to new research from The American Academy of Pediatrics… 376 more words


Happy Meals

I’m sure many of you remember Happy Meals, one of the fast food outlets coined the phrase I can recall. In fact they started advertising Happy Meals in June 1979. 502 more words


New Fashion Heights: Colette & McDonald's Collaborate on Fast Food Themed Clothing Line

Did you even know that McD’s had their own fashion line? While you were busy snacking on a Happy Meal, the Swedish were  cuddling in the bed with their Big Mac linen and the matching thermals. 149 more words


Get happy when hungry with McDonalds India Happy Meal

Giving an extra happiness to your pocket and supreme satisfaction when it comes of taste- McDonalds India Happy meal is the way forward to be everyone’s happy bite of rescue. 57 more words

Food & Drinks

Pizza vs McDonald... (Pizza o McDonald?!)

(ENG version   —   segue versione ITA)

The new funny video where neapolitans replicate to the recent spot of McDonald, you cannot miss it especially if you recognize the typical accent as well as the attitude to gesticulate! 38 more words

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Crispiness is the Key!

Japanese Dumpling

I understand Dumpling is the Chinese Food as the world knows.

But let me say… Japanese really love dumplings. Make and enjoy at home too! 77 more words