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Happy Meal~by Lilian Dipasupil Kunimasa

Happy Meal

Kiss of vampires out for blood,
Choices in diet they never had
Bloodshot eyes and fangs hunger mad
Come sunrise they hide regretfully sad… 140 more words


Minions Reunion - Part 1: 2015 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys (USA) from the Minions Movie

Video Description:

Part 1: Kevin unites with Martial Arts Minion

This is our little own story of how 12 members of minions get reunited. The 12 minions (Kevin, Bob, Stuart, Groovy Minion, Ice Cave Minion, Egyptian Minion, Minion Vampire, Minion Pirate, Martial Arts Minion, Minion Caveman, Jurassic Minion, and Guard Minion) are scattered all across the USA. 98 more words


"Barbie or Hot Wheels?" The History of the Split Promotion Happy Meal

When I set out to write an article about the Happy Meal tiger that has been following me around for nearly twenty years, I had no idea what kind of rabbit hole I would end up falling down. 1,969 more words


Pokemon Meets The Happy Meal This November With Hoopa

Hey there Noodles! We have gotten news that Pokemon will become a Happy Meal Promo this November! Now, I haven’t eaten McDonald’s in over a year ( I know, crazy right?) but this may just give me a reason to buy a few, or maybe 10, Happy Meals..yah know, for my uhh little sister..heh heh.. 390 more words


Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Happy Meals to arrive in the US alongside HOOPA!

Exciting news for the US fans, Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Happy Meals will be available later this month!

I have previously posted an article about the HOOPA distribution throughout US McDonalds stores, now there will be a Pokemon Happy Meal including specially printed trading card and an official Pokemon figure inside. 41 more words


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Joker Item #041

McDonald’s Jokermobile 2015

Here is the new Jokermobile from McDonald’s. It is based off the newest animated Batman series. Press the orange trigger on the back to launch the Joker’s teeth.