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Super Mario Toys Come To McDonalds Restaurants In The UK

Mario is returning to Happy Meals in the U.K. This is the third year in a row that Nintendo has teamed up with McDonalds. Interestingly, these are the same toys that recently came to the restaurants in Japan. 26 more words



At a McDonald’s in Daly City, California. There are many possible stories in this image. I hope it tells you one you like…

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Midweek Confessions

Today is the first day of school in 2017 and we are SO ready. I know I’m not alone in craving the predictability that the routine of school provides. 807 more words


Watercolor Lettering 005

New year, New Adventures. Go and get them opportunities!


San Diego, CA, part II

Yes, I eat Happy Meals! I wasn’t really hungry, but know I needed to eat something so I got a happy meal while looking for a plug at McDonald’s. 170 more words

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Check Out This Japanese Super Mario Happy Meal Commercial

Probably timed to coincide with the release of Super Mario Run, McDonald’s restaurants in Japan and giving away Mario themed toys with their Happy Meals. However, these aren’t the normal action figures you’d expect. 33 more words


Pocket Sized Happy Meal

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I have a large collection of tiny things. My eraser collection began in 1985 and is still growing.


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