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what makes you happy?

Hey world! Today I want to do something different, instead of me writing about what I think and blah blah blah I just want to ask you a question: 160 more words


All you need to know on employee wellness programs

First of all, let’s talk numbers –money and health wise. Corporate wellbeing or employee wellness programs typically generate a 300% return on investment, as shown in a… 615 more words

Hercules Academy

Rose-tinted glasses

I hate “think-positive-and-positive-things-will-happen” preachy-type people. Or those who insist that if you focus on the good things, all things good will keep coming your way. I don’t think that those types have any idea of what it feels like to be depressed. 283 more words


Feng Shui - Intuitive Predictions June 2016

Download your A4 printable version 2016 June predictions

LIFE PATH, CAREER – Blessings & Honours
A month of blessings!
Because you honour and respect yourself and others, show compassion, follow and live your truth, during June you will reap some of these rewards and will definitely feel blessed! 338 more words

Feng Shui Results & Stories

Your own kind of love.

True love is truly a rare find. While everyone is on social media platforms we get a glimpse into other’s lives. Sometimes we don’t want to see it because sometimes it’s just TMI. 599 more words

Honoring Mothers Globally

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all of our Mothers. Be grateful if you still have yours, give thanks to those who’ve past, and honor to all our Mothers all over the world.  105 more words

Inspiration And Motivation

Peace--O You

Not only did Peace managed to find a cohesive neo-psych sound on their second album, but they also found a surprising amount of heart.  Album opener O You could be considered maudlin if judged on lyrics alone, but Harry Koisser’s reflective, pleading delivery evokes immediate empathy.   164 more words