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A Few Things You Should Know About That 'Annoying' Optimist In Your Life

People dismiss me a lot.

More often than not, people keep me at an arm’s length because they don’t quite “get” me.

“You need to calm down I can’t handle your enthusiasm right now.”

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There is different kind of darkness, up there it is so dark that you can not see anything in front of you unless you have the moon to shine up the night, and it really does lighten up the night. 147 more words


Business Friday

A young man inside his shoe kiosk in downtown Kampala, Uganda


Living The Dream, Going Through The Car Wash

They say “dream big,” but I’m a bit of a contrarian on this point.

You see, I’m blessed with a temperament that enjoys silliness…

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About Ki

Greetings All!

I would like to give you all the warmest welcome to my very own food and wellness blog. I am so estatic to share all of my tips, tricks and yummy recipes. 87 more words


7 Healthy habits of happy people

While happiness is defined by the individual, I’ve always felt it foolish to declare that nothing can be learned from observing the happiness of others. 837 more words

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