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10 things happy people never do

Being happy is a choice. Happy doesn’t mean laughing through life; it means finding meaning and value in the moment, regardless of the outside circumstances. Fulfillment and joy can’t find you if you hide behind a disgruntled attitude. 1,428 more words



My friend recently asked me, “How many people are actually happy on Facebook? I mean, all they post are happy photographs and even happier status updates.” 222 more words


This Is Why Gossip Is For Small-Minded People

I was strolling along the streets of Liverpool in June last year during my Overseas Immersion Programme, when I noticed this graffiti sprayed art, which said- 388 more words

The Coffee shop

Greetings reader,

Recently a new coffee house opened near my residence. The coffee is as good as the interiors of the shop, it’s a place where I could sit and brainstorm for idea’s and ideals but when it’s too much, one could just enjoy a hot cup of cappuccino or freeze their brain over a cold coffee because sometimes it’s just about that good feeling. 271 more words

6 Morning Habits All Happy And Confident 20-Somethings Do Regularly

Life is freaking nuts. Between work and school, we are somehow expected to stay healthy, make time for friends, keep in touch with family, and maintain a (somewhat) clean and organized living space. 1,081 more words

Tripping Internationally.


Schools out and summer is officially here and I can’t Really say i’m sad about it, having wrapped up my 2nd full year of teaching I can Truly say that I was going to need a trip to kick off the summer. 863 more words