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Щастливите крачета живеят в щастливи чорапи

На 1 ноември 2016-а в софийския мол Paradise Center се случи едно много вълнуващо за нас събитие, защото една компания, профилирана изцяло в модата за комфорта на нашите ходила,  36 more words

Огледалце, огледалце

Happy Feet: Joyful Winter

I snapped these pictures last night during a short window shopping near the Central European University, Budapest. I’d attend a 2-hour lecture on gender studies and this sock shop was already closed for the day by the time I left the university old auditorium. 231 more words


Layering with Happy Socks

Just as important as the pieces you choose to wear is how you actually wear them – that´s how you show the world how stylish you are ;) But believe me when I say that never in a million years I´d see myself embracing this new trend… Until, of course, I tried it.  254 more words


"May i have your attention sir?" - socks

“Your sock game is up top! Trust me you are the first one i am telling this to all day.” Ever heard a similar phrase or even the same? 525 more words


Style Tip 201:Wearing Glistening Socks or “Happy Socks”

“The colour of your sock should match the colour of your trousers.”

This has been the rule that guides how men pair their socks with their outfit, since time immemorial and still is today. 577 more words


Happy Socks: Discover HappySocks.com new Underwear Collection!

Happy Socks: Discover HappySocks.com new Underwear Collection!

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