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modern HAIKU...teachable moments

And by teachable, of course, I mean me. The fabulous one-of-a-kind Janis Ian led me straight down an enticing rabbit hole with her Godzilla haiku, and although I haven’t sent her my own personal homage to the Big Guy yet, I’m having fun with the new toy. 176 more words

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You, too, can haiku...

“A traditional Japanese haiku is a three-line poem with seventeen syllables, written in a 5/7/5 syllable count.” That is hot off the interwebs, kids, so I’m giving it my No Housekeeping Seal of Approval and we’ll roll with it. 75 more words

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#bragaboutyourweekend muar edition

Last saturday we went on a trip to muar.

I was motivated after my colleague professed to me of her adoration for muar.

I did some quick google search and i checked out some airbnbs over there. 302 more words

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Hi and thank you for visiting my blog! Make sure to bookmark and subscribe for new posts.

My name is Kimberly but I go by Skull on the interwebs. 533 more words

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productive morning!

This morning i woke up slightly earlier because i had planned to fast. Unfortunately, at the very moment i wanted to leave the bed, my baby woke up looking for the boobies. 291 more words

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Remembering a writing mentor who probably never knew it...

This is wonderful. My friend Ned Hickson wrote it and I stole it to share with you.

A mentor every writer should’ve been lucky enough to have. 43 more words

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the little church on the hill

There’s a little church on the hill. I don’t know all its history but it’s been there for a hundred years or so. It was a meeting place for residents of Liston over the times when the village was thriving and then when the populace dwindled. 734 more words

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