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BGM for a better work experience

Everyone likes listening to music, one genre or the other. I like listening to melodies, romantic, party, rock songs depending on my mood. It feels refreshing to put on earphones and play my favorite tracks. 373 more words

Happy Stuff

30 Ways to Hygee

Rather than just doing one of these a day I am going to try to do as many of these as possible over the month of November and beyond… maybe it is cheating but I like most of these things too much to only do them once! 398 more words


2 weeks of Spanish


It started 2 months back when Arun joined us for dinner.  As we were talking about random things, suddenly the topic of languages came up and he started speaking an alien language. 233 more words

Happy Stuff

Quiet Days & Hygee

Autumn is that wonderful time of year where normally school/ university restarts and everyone is refreshed from the summer… in a perfect world. In a less perfect world aka my world) you spend the summer working and deliver a big project at the end of September. 338 more words


A happy post

I believe this and my last post iT’S HAPPENING are the only not-emo posts here. Which is sad, I’d like to have more happy stuff here. 236 more words

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Tu ce ai facut azi pentru visul tau?

What did you do today for your dream?

O intrebare gasita pe Facebook, si, careia de ceva vreme (sa nu spun de cativa ani) incerc “zilnic” sa ii gasesc un raspuns. 48 more words


What I like in FM radio

Until a month back, the only place I listened to radio was very occasionally in cabs(an year back), where there wasn’t another option if you don’t have earphones. 265 more words

Happy Stuff