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Fifteen Favorite Feelings

A while ago, Hank Green of Vlogbrothers (a youtube channel he runs with his somewhat more famous brother, author John Green) did a video on his… 1,018 more words

Small Life, Slow Life: Be Incredibly Vigilant with What You Allow into Your Mind. {AKA -- Why I Totally Regret Seeing 'The Gift.'}

The other night, my husband and I went on a date and saw The Gift with Jason Bateman.

I was really excited to see it even though I really hate scary movies/thrillers. 1,253 more words

Small Life Slow Life

Old women are merely little girls with wrinkles ...

The  recent photo sorting with my sisters has yielded much treasure, all of which I appreciate infinitely more than the first time I saw those pictures.   345 more words


California hotel hires robot butlers to provide room service

This is such a nice little helper! Just a small super-happy guy with cute sounds :)


“If you plan to stay in Cupertino’s high-tech Aloft Hotel in the near future, don’t be surprised if you open your door to a 3-foot-tall robot carrying extra towels or breakfast.
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This is getting ridiculous ...

I can’t write, I might as well face it and move on.

It isn’t that I can’t write, I know how, but the words have all gone somewhere else.   640 more words


The time I had a baby 20 minutes after getting to the hospital

Until 7 weeks ago, I thought those stories of women giving birth on the side of the road on their way to the hospital were kind of eyeroll-worthy. 1,197 more words

Happy Stuff

Die Hard 5? A good day to just die, surely?

Die Hard 5: John is 85 and in a retirement home. The OAP with the eye-patch and foreign name has hatched a plan to steal more mash potato. 1,205 more words

Happy Stuff