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Flaskback Friday - to the Apothecary's Garden

BlogADay # 8

I have begun a serious decluttering of my digital photos of the last 16 years. This is long overdue and actually a lot of fun but I am discovering several things I didn’t know about myself, for example, I take way too many photos of seagulls. 282 more words

Daily Post

Dahmakan again!!

This is the second dahmakan order for this week! Burning a hole in my pocket *wailing*

Today’s chicken meatball is so yummy!

On wednesday i ordered vege ratatouille. 70 more words

Happy Stuff

selling my ducks

Once upon a time, i decided to sell my duckscarves. Never did i think would i do such a thing. I love my duckscarves!

But ive come to a point where i think i dont want those scarves mainly because i wanted to control the kind of colours i wanted in my wardrobe. 227 more words

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#rotijohnputrajaya @taman warisan pertanian P16

This is the famous rotijohn unan — unan maybe. Its so yummy — for me lah!

There will always be a long Q at the kiosk at taman warisan. 144 more words

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Exponegaraku & kl orchidbonsai 2017


Okay, the pictures from our visit to the exponegaraku got deleted. I only have one though.. the expo was COOOL bytheway. Im not saying that because im partial to this or that. 18 more words

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Umai cafe at presint 2

This morning after dropping seth off to school, i decided to wander around abit.

I made my way to the administrative central of putrajaya. I parked nearby the mcdonalds area and the infamous tethered balloon ride. 151 more words

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Overdue post but i couldnt bear to delete this post. The pictures are just too pretty to ignore.

Putrajaya is seriously growing into me. These were some pictures i got from my morning walk at taman putra perdana. SO BEAUTIFULL!!

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