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Life. A really funny thing. 

​Don’t you think life is funny?

There are a few people who walk into our lives promising us big things all along. Saying that they would never leave our hands and would always be by our side. 605 more words


On saturday night, we decided to try this satay joint at plaZa damas. The review says that the satay there was SO GOOD. It was NOT. 190 more words

Happy Stuff

Plasticine, painting and playing with syringes..

Just thought of documenting the stuff ive done lately with seth.

After seeing seth struggle with syringes, i now understand why some mommybloggers out there use syringes as part of their activities. 377 more words

Happy Stuff


Arghh the flowers are just too beautiful arent they?!! I recieved two because initially, i ordered the red roses. But on the 19/12 i recieved the pink roses instead. 188 more words

Happy Stuff

Poplook blossoms collection- lovee

I loveee my shawls from poplook.com.

Just look at the flower prints- cannot handle!

So i bought both :D

Happy Stuff

Little Victories

I almost flubbed up today. I’ve been going strong with my resolutions, and for the first few I felt like a WIZARD. Suddenly I knew when I’d be doing things and what I had time for. 557 more words



we spent one of the days during this very lovely long weekend visiting the kl bird park.

seth was a good boy because he sat in his stroller all the way. 141 more words

Happy Stuff