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Color y alegria - Colour and happiness

Primer semana luego del cambio de estación. De un lado del mundo llega el otoño, del otro lado la alegría de la primavera. Como empezó con lluvia y frío, pensaba en como el clima afecta el día a día, en la alegría que genera el calor, y también el color. 587 more words


Cinnamon Roll Cake!

Yes, since you’ve all been so good about not making note of little inconsistencies in these trying times … other than that original Bad Girl, Miss Snarky Pants, … 229 more words

My Thoughts


Yes, these exist, and they melt in the mouths of those who eat them, I have that on good authority.  They’re also fun to make, pretty to eat, and you can switch those two things around for entertainment.   420 more words

Be Real

Let the record show ...

Scrap heap in the bedroom?  Handled, biotches!


No worries, you know those person-size Rubbermaid tubs that are a hoot to fill and then can’t be lifted except by committee?   151 more words


The Live Blogging of my House of Cards Binge Day (AKA My First Real Day Off)

The Good Doctor so patiently waited for me to have enough time off for us to both laze in bed all day and binge-watch House of Cards. 846 more words

General Ranting

Coming to you from beautiful downtown Lawrence ...

Sunny sky, high clouds, shadows like spring, a little green in the trees.  Somebody’s running a weed-eater.  Maddie’s sleeping, Kim’s writing, TV’s murmuring, I’m observing.  Below my window, the intersection of 8th and Rhode Island is a shifting collage of cars, bicycles, walkers and joggers, fire trucks and ambulances, gaggles of people who clearly have no clue but are just as happy as if they had good sense, couples, families, lone souls, old bushy-bearded guys who sit on the wall for a while, plastic grocery bags hanging on their walkers, dredging up resolve to make it on home.   122 more words