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10 things I hate... 

I was going through my notes on my phone today and actually laughed out loud at this note I wrote. It’s about the people I went to Nyc with in December. 94 more words

From Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation:

Courtesans and samurai: Beautiful photos depicting life in 19th century Japan are some of earliest colour images ever taken. The images were all produced between 1863 and 1877 by photojournalist Felice Beato. 115 more words


Loving Yourself: Confidence Boost!

I, like most young people, have struggled with insecurity for as long as I can remember. It’s hard to ignore society’s fascination with beauty, and the expectations that people have for girls to look a certain way. 313 more words


POSITIVE PRINCIPLE#21: Release Control

Understand the difference between what you can control and what you may influence.

What we invent can be controlled. What was invented outside of us can only be influenced. 19 more words


Treating Yourself Better

We all have those days, or weeks, when life is just winning. It could be that you’re ill, stressed or just tired out. You don’t feel like doing anything and you’d stay in bed all day if you could. 502 more words


What a Smile can do

Playing football as a youngster was a great way to pass the time, we could hardly wait for summer to play what is known as scrimmage, a shorter version of football. 394 more words


Hey everyone!

As you know, Abie and I are transitioning the blog into a more fashion industry based magazine of sorts. Think Tavi Gevinson’s RookieMag. We will still be sharing our thoughts and lives with you but it’s going to be a lot more of events, interviews, editorials, and basically anything involving people in the career. 132 more words