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Its Beginning To Feel A lot Like Christmas.....

What a wonderful weekend! 

The sunshine was beautiful and it finally felt like summer! It won’t last though, storms are on the way which will ruin the warmth of the summer sun. 448 more words

I went for a pun

I went for a run. Not a long one or a fast one. It was one of those runs where you’re not entirely sure you want to stop because you haven’t quite yet figured out the meaning of life but you’re on the cusp. 488 more words

Twenty-Fourth Week - Half Marathon

I’m literally running to finish this post !! And that title, not even about Kungfu, what is happening ?? Long story short, there was a half marathon around a mountain close to our location and Wei Shifu proposed us to participate to it. 497 more words


Drama Review:- Nashville Season 4

Hello ladies and gentleman, today I am back with another drama review in tow. As promised in my previous drama review post, this time round it will be a review on Nashville Season 4!! 645 more words



”Art alone can turn those thoughts of disgust at the horror or absurdity of existence into imaginary constructs which permit living to continue.”   

Friedrich Nietzsche; The Birth of Tragedy.


Don't give up!

I’ve been a little pants at this blogging stuff of late. Life has been a little crazy. Not just having three daughters and three dogs but things crop up don’t they? 267 more words

5 things I learnt while climbing

I am super excited about this new addition to the blog – Climbing! Yes, I have been at it for 8 months now and I couldn’t be more delighted. 649 more words