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What is Love? Baby don't hurt me?!

What is love, indeed?

It’s not the pain and sorrow definitely!

So, few weeks back I matched online with this James guy. Tinder, of course. Let me tell ya, I don’t believe in online dating per se because I believe I will meet my SO somewhere on the street or elsewhere. 589 more words


A house of Love

Instead of looking for happiness, I choose to create happiness. 

— Mowen Li 105 more words


B +ve

Positivity is all about seeing the bright side of life. It is realising and knowing  that struggle and pain are not all that’s there, even if thats all we can see in a certain moment. 1,286 more words


And Life… LIVE

The echo from the distant train,

Resounds, with the beat of my restless heart,

Lost in a world I am,

Where beauty,

Is only sunrise and sunset, 72 more words


Happy Birthday! 

Happy 1st Birthday indigorosee!

I can’t believe that it has been a whole year since I hit upload on my blog. I was sat in a hotel room in Dublin when I finally decided that I was ready to hit upload and share my website with the world. 773 more words

Sex On The First Date

First dates are designed to produce a number of relationship outcomes. (e.g. sexual partner, friendship, short-term romantic relationship, or life partnership.) – Wikipedia

I don’t know about you but I know that sex is a pretty enjoyable experience.  680 more words

My Thoughts

Get High on Happiness at Cafe ICanFlyy😍

Well, it was a regular Wednesday evening where I was coming back from office while brooding about how to survive the rest of the two days before weekend, was having a Whatsapp fight of sorts with a friend, and was feeling ‘meh’ remembering that the Wi-Fi at home wasn’t working. 300 more words

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