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Leben leben

“Ob ich einen Traum habe? Nein. Ich lebe mein Leben, wie ich es leben will. Natürlich gibt es Kleinigekeiten hier und da, aber eigentlich lebe ich genauso, dass ich glücklich bin und keine großen Wünsche brauche. 98 more words



The happiest old
have nothing and don’t mind.
The happiest young
are old before their time.
Few these.

The others are behind their years,
suffer thirteen-year-olds’ fears… 18 more words


My Little Triumph!

Hello my lovelies. Again, I apologise for the delay in posting but things have been so manic!

I just wanted to share with you all, something that I’ve been trying to achieve for ages now! 429 more words

What's the Truest form of LOVE??

Emma, a girl who never had anyy interest in Love, was now madly in love with someone!

Sadly, it was her bestfriend Lyla’s love interest Drake, who was equally in love with Emma! 114 more words

21 days for happiness – day 4 of 21

Day 4! Woop woops :)

What do you think of yourself? Do you feel worthy? Do you feel loveable? I hope you do, even if you do or you don’t it will not hurt to amplify this. 360 more words


Northern Ohio in February

Was 66 degrees, the Lake was moving and the people were out enjoying the weather.  Sandusky, Ohio does not get the love it deserves.

I can’t thank my awesome life partner for the great time we had the weekend of February 18th, 2017. 8 more words

The importance of spending time alone.

I was always “that” girl. I was always popular. I was the life of the party. Everyone always wanted to be where I was at, people just loved being around me. 1,103 more words