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We usually aspire to feelings of happiness and joy. Yet, the most treasured feeling is one of relief – relief our family is safe, relief we passed our exams, relief the health test results were good…



Hello beautiful people,

Or should I say beautiful wrecks. I don’t know if that sounds insulting or motivating, but to me, it sounds perfect. Tis’ I, the frenchiest fry (aka the creator of this blog). 1,084 more words


The role of the teacher in Aistear. Creating a positive and safe learning environment in the infant classroom

The teacher undergoes many roles when creating a positive learning environment when undergoing Aistear.

Personally, Aistear was a daunting thought when beginning my final placement. I had observed it before on previous placements but had never taught it. 675 more words


🤧 Hay-fever 🤧

🤧 Hay-fever 🤧

Those with Hay-fever I can highly recommend Beconase nasal spray. I suffer quite bad with hay fever and this has been a complete game changer. 36 more words

A Little Game....

A, B, C, D, All of us know the alphabets, and strangely enough we do not remember the way we get to learn these alphabets. what i remember is that when I read A, I read A for Apple and I imagined an apple. 255 more words


Quotes of the Day

किन लफ्जों में लिखूँ मैं अपने इन्तजार को तुम्हें,
बेजुबां है इश्क़ मेरा ढूँढता है खामोशी से तुझे।