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Life's Learning Lessons

Hi Fash,

I’m back with more stories to tell, both good and bad.

The good is that my contract has been extended, so I’ll be staying on the employment train for a bit longer! 593 more words

A life of gratitude

Ask 10 people what gratitude is and you might get 10 answers. The most common theme you would find is that it means thankful. I agree, gratitude means you are thankful, but what does that really mean? 434 more words


Making less decisions

I am currently reading The Happiness Equation by Neil Pasricha. I want to make a list of the changes I want to make that will hopefully reduce the number of decisions I need to make and create more time. 346 more words



Imagination are cluster of our feelings, falling in our mind all the time. We are gifted with such an entity, to control our mind and imagine as much as we want, Like we have a GOD gifted authority to think, to dream, to imagine our life and thoughts as we want. 192 more words


Things go around. I have been micro-blogging on Google+ for the last two years. I really enjoyed the interaction there and made a few really good friends, several of whom I’ve met in real life. 192 more words


Happy's Logic: Value

A country that only respects life if it holds “value” is doomed to destruction, because “value” has as many meaningsĀ  as there are people. And because the definition of “value” decided upon today, may not be the one used tomorrow, uncertainty and fear will rule as everyone secretly worries if they will be “valued” out of life. 31 more words