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At the Bar: Where Ya Been?

I sit here on a Tuesday evening, after a full day of teaching and being at the studio and I start putting my fingers to the keys of this computer to write and well, what is there to say other than it’s been a minute. 698 more words


12. Learn A Skateboard Trick

I’ve wanted to learn how to ollie on a skateboard since grade seven. Skateboarding just looks so cool. The persona, the style and the dope tricks. 968 more words

The Art of Happiness

Nearly every time you see him, he’s laughing, or at least smiling. And he makes everyone else around him feel like smiling. He’s the Dalai Lama, the spiritual and temporal leader of Tibet, a Nobel Prize winner, and an increasingly popular speaker and statesman. 125 more words


Looking to make your hair manageable⁉️

Liquid keratin is a smoothing treatment that repairs your hair by sealing broken and damaged hair!  (blondes) not only does it help retain your cuticle it also can help tame naturally unruly hair 💁 This smoothning treatment can last up to 6-8 weeks and will notice more of a difference the more the treatment is applied. 72 more words


Having a Positive Outlook

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty for of person?

For a long time I liked to think of myself as a realist, but in actuality I was a pretty pessimistic person. 578 more words

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