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How to Transition to Natural Deodorant

Natural deodorant has been a huge topic of conversation for years. I never paid much attention to it until my grandma got diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. 661 more words


Day 10

7:52pm AEST, NSW Australia.

I got to part 2 of watching interactions go wrong today except this time I was in for a treat, being patient has its rewards. 217 more words


Enough Is Enough!

This is for people like me, who are between a rock and a hard place and can’t seem find their feet to walk away…

If you’ve ever been in a place or you’re still in a place you find difficult to leave, grab a seat and let’s have a conversation. 412 more words


What if Self-sabotage is good? And word about meaning in life

No thing, no one, no places will make you happy.

I know that you already read about this but somwhere, but here is quick other perception, which maybe will make you to thought about it diffrent, and then maybe you will make diffrent choices. 630 more words

It’s the little things

It’s always good to take time out for yourself and focus on the things that you love and for me that’s sitting down, reading a magazine with a hot cup of green tea and having a pamper or going out on walks with my best friend! 198 more words


On Cosmetics: Why Cruelty-Free?

Why Is It Important To Choose Cruelty-Free Cosmetics?

Many makeup brands test on animals like rabbits, mice, dogs, cats, and others. These animals are tortured. They’re burned, cut, poisoned, and are forced to breathe in toxic fumes. 364 more words